Greetings folks,

I thought I’d inform you guys of an interesting event that happened a few months ago involving Azazel. I had flown out of my country for vacation and as I was preparing for my return, I packed my luggage with so much of stuff and didn’t think one bit of the weight limit that was set for the luggage. I got stopped at the airport the next day during the weighing procedure prior to boarding the flight and the airport guys were telling me that I’d have to either dump my stuff or pay a large sum for the extra baggage. At this point I was pretty anxious and kind of panicked as I’d never been in a situation like this before. I called out to Azazel within my heart to do whatever he could do to get me through and literally out of nowhere, a dude that’s part of the airport crew comes up and tells me to keep calm and that he’ll get this straight. He went in to speak with his superiors and the next thing I know, the dude helped me get through all the trouble and I was allowed to fly without paying a single cent for the extra baggage or dumping some of it. Now, this isn’t supposed to happen nor is it legal. Considering the fact that I’ve never worked directly with Azazel apart from my attraction towards him, his response was great.
Agios O Azazel.

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