Azazel 30 day meditations are almost over… just when I m feeling attached to Him. I did an extra invocation meditation this morning and then went about my day. I di something that I don’t normally do. : casual friendly converse with some men after the ‘body balance’ class. Ive always been shy in this area its not that they held much interest for me although physically appealing -even if they are “pale fleshed” (like me) I’m more attracted to the darker shades, that and I’m openly Bi-. Such a simple thing. I would not do unless drinking. Its not something that i do. Weird .
Is this Azazel influence. These dreams are bed orientated.
Im also been given bedroom furniture and help for delivery of it… but i think that was from an oracle from Kwan Yin couple wks ago.
It may be nothing but any answer about this thread? The dreams sexual interest uncharacteristic actions?
Please and Thank you


They will definitely effect change in your personality and preference, or at least they do for me. I remember suddenly being aware that all men had a penis, and getting annoyed they all just seemed to be at eye level. My reaction was “Yes I’m aware they exist…No I don’t want anything to do with them.” With women I definitely noticed how beautiful many are, and was able to be around them and charm them if I felt like it. Though this wasn’t sexual, more I was now able to make them feel safe and be emotionally reassuring.

My taste in food has greatly changed. I now enjoy strong flavors in all regards and find it hard to cook or season food that other people will also enjoy. Spicy, salty, fatty, bitter, sour, are now the go to. Sweets aren’t really craved. When I do want carbs it’s either fresh fruit or really dark bitter chocolate, or things like roasted squash, steamed rice, beans, quinoa, things like that. I’m more aggressive overall with a strong draw towards verbal debate and not wanting to deal at all with small talk.


I lik chilli and creating things in my kitchen. But my accupuncture dr. Says bo chilli for a while And that was last year now only a bit. With other stuff.
Would spirits altar a persons sexual orientation?


It’s not altering really, just you become VERY aware of what’s actually there. I’m bisexual with a strong preference for masculine energy regardless of physical form. I’m also very low on overall drive, and need emotional attachment and fluffing to even want to engage with anyone. Most of the time I release this energy in a creative way. Every now and then I masturbate but I really have to be in the mood.

If anything it has only brought up my need for emotional sexuality. And let me know that yes I have a sex drive, it’s just emotionally driven. That’s how I work. That being said some of these spirits really enjoy when you touch yourself with or for them. Definitely ask if this would be okay. Even sexual spirits are not going to be interested in everyone. It’s a healing experience.


Its Azazel. He is around you. No worries there. He shows up when ever lol. You may try cleaning some of your chakra’s. You may have a block. I know he has been around you. Your courage is building which is awesome!
Dark Blessings Morgana


Ever worked with his Utu self?


They are definitely blocked i have just been prescribed antibiotics the asthma has been very bad all weekend. Did the vk jehannum chant of Raphael and the invovke et just as he describes for all three of them plus the hymn last night i had sime improvement or i would have put myself on ambulance early this morning.


@Purple what Utu ?


Ok so I’ve nit been meditating properly but am much better so.!!! Last nights Azazel meditations i kept getting visual of my erm toy and need to place it in my Azazel altar and my “feminine balls” you know the ones we insert for muscle toning… I had to place the box on my Lilith altar. I felt heat in my body parts bor alot vut enough that I noticed.
Weird I had these for ages in my draws cause my interests are not exactly frequent. Now they sit on those altars in their respective casings.