Sorry that was for arianna:grinning:


I am not saying anyone that to evoke lord Azazel and fulfill my wish via;you . I just want a message from him… after that failed evocation.


Lol. Yeah good cause im learning :wink:


That’s Great.


Cleanse your chakras and open your third eye.

Im getting something about blood. When you evoke him again draw his sigil out and put a drop or two of your blood on it. Just a finger prick will sufice …

It should help open up the communication


Thank you heaps


I did a major cleanse and i think since beginning to work again after so long, (as a volunteer but uts an all day interacting with pple), i better do a small one each day.
For the cleanse began with ssge now normally sage with the leaves not the incense sticks makes me feel sick but this time felt good
So it was a good cleanse i called spirit (idk why) it was an automated flow. An egg thrown into (medicinal) alcohol thats been aflamed.
Later i meditated and called Azazel i drew another sigil on top of a previous sketch of the aura of a candle (sketched a few months ago)
Pricked my finger & smeare it. Then called. I did get very sleepy again
So what of by throbbing brow whenever I relax states - as mentioned another time, had had a flash of colour and pulsing but that was once now i seem to just get the pulsing consistently. Any one know what it is
I also get pulses on Crown & base of skull


Last night meditation im not completely certain if its from the smoke as o finally able to replace my charcoal discs rather than incense cones. It produced a Lot of smoke
I experienced after chanting Azazel:
Points of light flash like sparks on on some points of my body. My forehead began that throb but it increased to all points all over . My entire skull lit up like fire pulsing i felt someone sit next to me on my mattress [(invoke/evoked in my bedroom instead of my temple room- had long day with weight /dance & yoga- am still sore😜)]
I didn’t get visual but for one second i had a definite audio some that have not experienced for a long while- especially awake- it was a deep sound like a horn or didgeridoo.
I know i try to too hard instead of just relaxing
Oh I picked up a thought form sword its a bit obsidian felt its weight moved it about, and put it down.
Today I have a headache.


I did the blood on sigil and evoked him but nothing happened. Do I need a candle and other stuffs?? And one thing arianna for how many minute did you meditated to feel his presence and how did you listened his voice??


Try reciting his enn 108 times… candles and incense could help you along


This method you suggested I’ll do tonight im so tired doing more relaxed in bed.
The other night had a dream about with something of Azazel keplt his sigil in my room.

Update i did but after i listened to :
From the ‘The Secret Of The Gods’ “Azalea’s Black Flame Chant: Align Yourself to the Black Sun”
I didn’t get possessed but i became seriously horny . The night before i dreamed a double image. …the first was a bed with red bed-spread neatly made there was a hint of someone there but it vanished. The second was a the same but with company.
So of course I had to get my toy out😜. Lol
But then i didn’t sleep until 5:45 that morning.
Last night I just went to bed/sleep early with another dream…I kept my Azazel and Belial sigils in my handbag in my room.
Any ideas?


Update did my Azazel in this morning before dragging my butt to the gym. Found I was more receptive not threat of imminently falling asleep. I surrendered for partial possession. I felt that mounting sensation as i had with Belial. Amazing how the jaw just bcomnes unhinged and that heavy head weight. He is the “destroyer of worlds destroyer of the soul /ego thats the same . Keeper of the black flame. Lord the destroyer”. I welcome his destruction all those brainwashings
He has big black eyes. I love Azazel.


I have a huge tip i would like to give you about Azazel. Please check your email.


Update. Making progress so tonight i meditated chants a comnination as suggested in a u tube by JD Temple who suggested successive chants of “Alash Tadalash Taladhu … Natz Fehr atu infernum negra”
To aid getting quiet… after using this combination the last few times found it works… and re listened to the “Azazel’s black flame chant: Align Yourself with the Black Sun”
I opened myself up. Although He did not actually possess He was closer. His presence all over my body felt like real space around me changed like i was feeling space but not cold like a heavy blanket thats wet and covered in electricity could feel it between my fingers like an aura encasing mine completely. Heavy weight on around my head … loved it. Before i saw him with horns so i showed him my breaths smoke and smiled i think he liked it too, like teasing cause i qanted to see what othet forms hw had i think he wwad complying cause u got glimpse of very well musculated man… pale skin… he knows that I am attracted to the darker man but even i smirked but this imaged just fladhed between. Then the surrounding area increased in darkness and thickness as the blanket fell. I felt so comfortable able to focus as in not get carried away with my day dreams for the 17min vid.
I found also when spirit comes my head throbs buts not same as throbbing described much earlier.
I should retitle this my 30 day Azazel. It is an agreement
Am soo looking forward to possession by Azazel.
When i first saw vid described in an EA vid i was kind of nervous at the idea but its been a few months of understanding that now i really interested.


Im very happy. You’ll love Azazel. He’s awesome n know you will definitely like him. Don’t be nervous when you do possession with him ok. He is cool n will be careful with you. I got all kinds of books n am ordering new ones. Contact me if you need anything. I will try to help or help you look it up whatever your looking for. I know E.A. n his friends are really good. Azazel directed me here to Eric.

Dark Blessings


Thank you. Gratitude. I felt drawn in balg also. My finances well… yes please i appreciate that you can are offering and if ok I pm/msg ?


I feel like im falling in love with these Beings


So tonight followed advice. Begin with 9 breaths method then using the calming power chants then incense
Blood letting on 5 questions healing chant to take away stinging. Then 6 breaths in hold 6 second out for 6 counts slows you down. I had Azazel sigil and accidentally had a Lucifer one there also (ooh my head just stopped its spin & throb) so i bloodied up Azazel’s questions and lucifer’s sigil
the same vid. for audio.
No possession but think I saw an eye briefly.


How do you upload a u tube on here?


Update. Last night i began with Azazel at midnight. But couldn’t continue just rolled on to bed
07:30 now still tired.