So my 30 days rolling with Azazel. Last night i couldn’t get my mind to shut up for more than a few mins here n there. I began after the water communing spat some in my bonzi now living in my temple.
I used an invocation posted by VK jehannum (not his first one but updated 2017)
I couldn’t sense and i stayed longer only partial tiredness then i found on going to bed i was unable to sleep until almost 5 this morning. I have not been so insomniac in months
Sunday was my first day working as a volunteer and tues- tomorrow is my second so… 1 1/2 dpwk But that didn’t tire me out in the least plenty of energy. Hah except for today.
I wonder why i having trouble focusing again and esp as i was actually being able to be fluid in this?
I did have a trigger as someknow i was a musician with some potential. They had vliolins on display - the cheaply made one of course sixed say about 12" & 13"… which sincethe viola was my second instrument at uni… well yeah the cause of my brief tears before the communion of water.

The spiritual communion goes well i feel like all enjoyed it. This time i added tears i sacrificed a loss.

My question is what is EA 's evocation for Azazel and do i really need to buy the book first…cause i am looking forward to owning some of those books. But my love affair with money is well like that with men i guess.
I ask n post cause really i have no other souces available and black witches / sourceres here… lot of white lighters but thats limited
Please and Thank you


I’m not sure what you are asking, but if you are talking about the summoning in The Book of Azazel, EA’s evocation isn’t much different than what he uses for any other spirit. He chants the incantation of “alash tad al’ash tal ashtu” to get into trance and then opens the seal and evokes as usual.


Oh. Ok nothing elaborate then. I had difficulty all long weekend but last night. Well.
Thanks @DarkestKnight
Thats most of my question.
The other well i wondrr if im blocked again or just unfocused because of simple mundane reason, i tend to think everything is interconnected


From your description, it seems to me that you’re simply unfocused for whatever reason.

One thing to consider is that, if you are evoking every day, the magick itself may start to become mundane, and you will lose the spark of awe and mystery that magick should hold. When this happens, your mind will start to wander, because the ritual no longer holds its interest. To the mind, even magick can become commonplace (this has happened to me, and I’m currently trying to recapture the mystery and awe).

One piece of advice I have is try a variety of ways to call upon Azazel, so you are not just doing the same thing every day. It will keep your mind interested and focus, and help you fulfill your pact.


Wow great idea thanks


You can still purchase Azazel compendium from balg.


When I have the money.
I plan to no longer have live like this it feels wrong and disappointing. … mayb anoth hang on to relinquish


There is the cloth edition if cannot afford the leather edition.


How to know if lord azazel is talking to you or its inner you?


I have had better consentrations abd focus so thanks all for assistance. Azazel hasn’t spoken to me or through me and he still “making”(?) me sleepy.


I may have missed something but do you also recite his enn, when trying to communicate?


Yes .
I call Aza(《ây》zel 4x
Then Azazel 《el》4x
I recite his enn as pronounced on EA’s videos and i als use the Itz rel Itz rel Azazel
I’ve able to be more silent
The othe night i had a glimpse of an old man and i thought thats the aspect i am ment to see.
I been saying to myself that i am not in expectation ill experience what he wants to share .
Ive became analytical again desure to really reach my potential this lifetime.
I have visualized his sigil whilst reciting his enn
Those throbbing burning of my forehead crown and back & base of skull.
Im longing for a closer connection
When i did the last communion of water i saw Liliths red gown like a wisp of smoke and black hair the same.


Sounds like your on the right track. Make sure to be relaxed and breathe. .

You could also try, Eya on ca Azazel aken. I used it when i first started out with Azazel.

This might help i really like there videos.

I like to listen to them and relax into a meditative state.

I do Lucifers every morning.

Also idk if you work with your chakras but that always helps … especially the third eye.

Azazel was my first demon to work with and we grew into a great relationship. Im sure you will too :slight_smile:

Also he likes journals …


Yes i have this one urs good for ald pictuing the sigil whilst listening.
Perhaps he doesn’t want to talk to me?


I dont think its that. I think hes just got a lot going on. I know that sounds weird to say but i know hes around. The more you pick up on the little signs the more youll pick up the big ones.

Maybe take a day or two break and come back to it. Sometimes we over exhausted ourselves.


For me Azazel isn’t a big talker, he basically just does if he agrees to something. More visuals than words for me. Gave me some pretty badass dreams to answer my questions. Felt like I was in a dark ages action movie. Lots of stabbing and an emphasis on me being mute. A literal show of “actions speak louder than words ever will.”


Don’t need the book. It’s a great read and worth hunting down if you can borrow a copy or something. But no, absolutely not necessary for working with Azazel.

In the book, Azazel makes a point of telling (I forget which magician it was) that once you bring him into your life, he’s always been there, retroactively. Which makes working with him insanely easy, in my experience.

Also, when I started looking into Azazel, I would feel a shadowy presence behind my shoulder and I dismissed it until I read of another magician experiencing the same thing when they started their road with Azazel. Then it was simply a question of when I would officially interact with him.

Fwiw, I can’t recommend him enough! I am literally going to get a bumper sticker made that says “Azazel Is My Co-Pilot”. He’s like a best friend and mentor. He always has more to teach and his vibe, with me anyway, is generally very chill.


Yes my dreams have been knocking me about i normally record and recall everything. But been tired


Could you please ask him if he got a message for me??..I evoked him 2 months ago I didn’t sense anything after that…Please ask him if there something I gotta do to communicate with him…Thank you so much Arianna:smiley::blush:


No you evoke him. I am not experienced and have never done so for another. Keep working on your meditative states as i keep at it.