I could use some help I recently contacted Azazel and the only thing he said was “the life of a king is very different” not sure what he ment.not entirely sure that was the whole message either im very new to this can anyone familiar with him help me find out what he ment.


Messages from Demons could be in a form of vision, sound, feeling, event or words we can or can’t understand. The good thing is that you’ve made a contact with him if that was your intention.

To clarify…

He appeared. You welcomed him. And in response to the welcoming, he made the above quoted statement and then vanished?

Did you ask a question or did you have something relevant on your mind before or during any part of the sequence leading up to the ritual?

By which I mean, from the momemt you felt compelled to reach out to him, where you contemplating anything that he may have been quietly observing in the background? Were you possibly in frequent contemplation on the nature and resulting experience of true ascent, and perhaps stewing over which gatekeeper you intended to engage to assist you?

I was asking him for assistance in my path to ascension .

" The Life Of A King Is Very Difficult ".

Sounds like a quote of power, telling you that obtaining power is never a comfortable nor easy path. Which does really answer your question the road to ascent, comes sacrifices, dedication, devotion, will and time.

You must immerse your entire being into the process, sometimes these powers destroy our lives just to see if we can rise in strength instead of admitting defeat.

So yes the life of a king is very difficult, the king is symbolic Azazel believes in making men and women into demonic royalty.

So I believe he answered your question perfectly, these demons leave us with stuff like this to decode.


Yes, this is a promise and a warning - get ready to shift and make sure it’s what you want and that the timing works for you. You don’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

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As far as the timing goes im 20 some years behind my original plans to do this I’m tired of only thinking about it or reading books. I’m ready that’s why i asked for his help. Bring it on. Test me. If my life has to turn to shit to do this ill go get some toilet paper.

sounds like he wanted to get you aware of a difference.
May i ask what you called him for?

So i guess it may refer to your path to ascention,
and therefore question wether you can see, understand like a king.
just guessing here, tbh.



If Azazel is your mentor and you had in mind perfect mastery in magic and you wanted to be top notch magician well pack your dancing shoes and get ready to learn A LOT :+1:

Thank you everyone for your comments and support. I now need to call him back up and get a game plan set and this time ask more questions.

Just like the others said, get ready. You said you are far behind your timeline, I would say you are at the right time. You asked and you are now about to receive. Put your trust and dedication in the path to your ascension. Stand like a king no matter what the circumstances. Things are about to change, remember that you chose this.