So I was just wondering if one who is possessed by Azazel can you truly have a exorcism done I remember ea said at one point that this spirit can not be fully removed from ones vessel no matter how skilled the priest or the one doing the exorcism may be I’m starting to think this maybe true ever since I called him into my life almost 2 years ago been there ever since but in no way is it negative at all he’s kinda like my personal guide along with Belial and Lucifer

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Let’s give you my opinion, I don’t believe in Demonic possesion from a higher entity in a negative way. If there is no higher goal involved.
The higher spirits believe in free will.
Even if you would want him to posses you, because you want to learn there is still a change that he won’t, Because it’s a very deep intimate bond. The spirit could easily decide that you’re not ready or that he doesn’t want to do it.


I feel that’s partially the truth. One thing is that those kinds of entities are archetypal, meaning they’re integrated with all of humanity on some levels. Pertaining to personal integration and possession, I’d just let the processes run their course. You don’t just invite powerful beings into yourself on such a profound level and then expect that it should suddenly be brought to an end without inviting harm to yourself. Know this, that it sometimes feels worse before it helps to improve your feelings and your outward circumstances. You’ll be alright if you work with the currents and not against them.


Kida where I’m at right now been working with amaymon on the gatekeeper path working Azazel been shooting me messages like he awaiting me to arrive at his gate like there’s gonna be a fucking party or some shit I’m very excited but I know it’s not everything I’m fully ready for as iv come to know quick on this path but they have my best interest in there demonic agenda all I know is I came to them for help ask and you shall receive hail

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I have numerous partial possessions on any given week (voluntary, with purpose). I’ve had some full possessions, too, by Belial for example.

The answer will partially be determined by your view of the spiritual world in general. If you believe you’re calling upon aspects of the mind only, then you can seal that, and have to get that aspect from other parts.

If you believe that everything is connected on some level, then you will not really be able to detach completely from that, as you’re a part of eachother.

If you believe that everything is a part of YOU and a manifestation of you, you can cut that part off, with intent and work.

But you’ll never be free of the lessons that spirits impart to us, even if you choose to not act on them.

It’s a stick question.

If you’re talking about typical possession, then yes, the spirit can be called/forced out, but some of the above may still apply.


That’s an interesting point of view. Thank you for expanding upon mine for me.

Let me give you my experience and my opinion. I was possessed by Azazel on and off two years. I took me six months of seeing goats everywhere I went to put all the pieces together. Goats in a metropolis setting are pretty uncommon but I was encountering them once or twice a week for awhile.

His way of teaching me felt like psychic and spiritual assault. I thought I was being attacked for the better part of a year.

When I put it all together and started to apply myself and msdter the challenges he presented and keep an attitude of “each challenge is an opportunity” I started to notice him easing back.

His possession is extremely intense, to a psychologist or psychiatrist the symptoms mimicked psychosis. It came and went two years.

Banishings didn’t have any effect. Not did prayer nor did spirit workers spirit cleanings, chakra alignments, ect, ect

To be very clear and Frank Azazel is so strong there was nothing I could do but learn and endure it. I thought of suicide many times to escape him.

So there you have my experience and my opinion. No excorcisims or banishments will avail you. ONLY PERHAPS direct divine intervyor angelic deliverance from an archangel could rid you of his presence. That is my belief.

If you recall from the hoy texts archangel Raphael was sent to subdue him. He bound him in a chain and cast him facedown into a pit with sharp stones so his face would never see the sun again.

That’s what it took to put a stop to Azazels chaos and plans.

It appears that Azazel is free now and walks the earth doing his will and pleasure again. I’m told he still hates archangel Raphael for what happened.