Can I get a live coach to take me through Azazel
Note: I have never worked with an entity.

But I love Lord Azazel, I keep reading about him

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@Harith works with him very often

Thanks but I His profile is hidden @Velenos @Harith

I’ll message you. (:

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What are you wanting g to do? I think Azazel is an amazing Demon to start with. He was the first one I worked with when I started down the LHP.


Intentions are very important when it comes to him. Usually if someone asks for trivial things such as money or power he will tend to get playful to the point where it can be viewed as borderline trolling.

He usually is a being that leans more towards helping people that are:

  • Seeking for the deeper meaning of things.
  • Wanting to learn various forms of occult knowledge.
  • Unlocking the potential of the self through self exploration.

He came to me when I was 13 I wasn’t ready yet. So he came again many years later when I was finally ready to learn who I am and what my path is. He has always come across as an amazing teacher to me. So I like to recommend him to those serious about starting their past. He has thrown me a ton of curve balls but I still find myself going to him when I need advice that my patron or matron can’t help me with.


He is definitely perfect for things like that. (:


I felt him calling me last summer. He helped me with self-love and confidence. The change was tremendous in me in a matter of days. Fear not friend he is very good for beginners. He even offered me a miraculous gift at the end of our pact which was quite shocking. Even my friends who know nothing about my magickal activities started wondering if i did a spell or something. So yeah dig in.


I used to work with him , try making offerings to him


A picture on how to setup my altar. I would be very glad.

Can I get in on this too :wave:
I tried messaging you, but your profile is private.

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Azazel. Amazing simply isn’t enough of a word to describe him. Incredibly amazing is a bit closer. I Love Azazel! If I had any decent advice to offer it would be this. Jump in. When you do connect with him he will know you probably better than you know yourself. Make sure you’re as honest with yourself as you are with him.

Hope this helps

Be blessed by Azazel


There is no need for something extreme. Just draw his sigil and light a candle and meditate on your intention while gazing on his sigil.


Messaged o7

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Can i be the last one getting in on this :raised_hand:
I got a good reading on the Satan and Sons video Azazel pick a card video. I’d like to have more info on what he meant and connect with him.
Please message me as your account is private. (P.s im still a beginner)