Azazel - wtf happened?!

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a crazy but amazing experience I had the other day with, I think, Azazel. I’m still pretty new to this and was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with him…or whether, I dunno, I’ve lost the plot or something?! - - sorry, it’s kinda long…I guess I got a bit excited! - -

So, suffice to say, there’s a situation that has been going on now for a good couple of years and it’s really been tearing me apart. Well things really came to head a few days ago and I reached my limit – it takes a lot for me to get to that point, but boy was I there! I began thinking about a plan of action and Azazel’s name came to mind. I was making a quick note of his colours, preferred incense etc., and his sigil on a sheet of paper, and it just happened. I suddenly felt like I wasn’t alone and as I looked across the room I felt a pressure in my chest, but it was more like a swelling than a restriction, and for a few seconds it felt harder to breathe. Tingling quickly spread up my legs and I suddenly felt…well…let’s just say I became very aware of my root chakra! :wink:

I glanced down at the sigil, which had started to glow, and just like that I was in the deepest trance. I didn’t need to state my intention, he knew it and almost straight away I started seeing images (eyes closed) of the people I’ve been having these issues with, showing what I was wanting to happen to them, actually happening. I could hear my voice in my head, near-enough hissing words at them about all the delights they have coming their way. They looked a bit like really basic puppets, that had been cut out of a sheet of paper or something, kinda abstract; there was a large red-ish face kept fading in-and-out of view – had a big pair of curved horns and that sort of thing; and a load of other stuff I can’t clearly recall. I was aware that I was moving my head around in slow motion and also my mouth started moving really slowly as though I was attempting to speak…but it wasn’t me doing it!? I briefly opened my eyes at one point and tried to lift my arm, but couldn’t because I was basically paralysed from the shoulders down.

This is the first time anything like this has happened and I imagine there are many people who’d say it sounds frightful (although I doubt they’d be found on this forum, haha!) but I’m really hoping it won’t be the last! I kinda felt a bit like I was drunk immediately afterwards, and for the rest of the day - this happened from about 19:15 til 20:30 – I felt euphoric, but I could barely believe what had happened and kept bursting out laughing!! I know from my other attempts, it doesn’t usually happen like this. I sometimes find it hard to focus long enough to really get into a deep trance – ADHD is a pain in the arse! I’ve managed to open a few sigils before and had that ‘feeling’ of no longer being alone, but this was something else. The way he was just there, almost like he was waiting for me to say the word…what an incredible feeling! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Sounds like Azazel alright :blush:

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Yep sounds like Azazel to me.


I definitely felt the same way when I evoked Azazel, like very similar experiences, the tingling feeling around my root chakra, heaviness on my chest and sometimes I feel paralyzed like I can’t move and my head rotates without me moving it. He has also touched my left ankle, almost like a human touch when am asleep and I wake up and he talks to me, he now just pops in 3-4 times a day, just to talk to me, I was so afraid of him at first based on what EA has written of him in his memoir, but I find him really chill and he recently just told me, he likes my butt :wink:
Am really starting to like working him so much more than I had anticipated, Hail Azazel :smile: