Azazel - Wow. Experiences?


I can truly see why EA made a pact with Azazel. Azazel is truly the only spirit where his presence in the room is just undeniable.

What have your Azazel experiences been like so far?


Very outspoken, and he has a strong and beautiful (to me anyway) presence. I have not had much contact with him yet, but apparently he loves making naughty jokes at my expense. :woman_shrugging: :joy: I have had a similar feeling of familiarity with him that I felt with King Paimon, though much less intense. Interestingly, I have also felt a strong connection between the two before I read about people comparing/ equating them. Azazel also has a dark, vibrant and almost seductive energy to him exuding power and dignity, like a warrior prince who is not to be taken lightly. At least that’s what I have gathered so far.


I followed EA’s evocation of Azazel video and tried pacts with him two times in 2018: February and October. Sadly the second time I interrupted before the month’s end, anyway I summoned him everyday or almost so, either asking 5 questions or receiving a message. He gave me interesting informations, mostly about Ascent.


Heh the first time I saw Azazel was one that I won’t forget. He appeared as a angel with short black hair in the corner of my eye. He walked into my darkened hallway then all I saw next was a black reptilian hand with claws reach out and wave at me. Was my first time summoning something so I suppose he was basically saying “whats up”.


Well, my experience with him is just beginning. It started with a dream. In this dream I was in a colonial town near my real city and suddenly there was an earthquake, then I noticed that there was a child without his parents or someone to help him while people ran. I hugged the boy and climbed into a van. When I went down the boy started to laugh and told me that he was Azazel. So I started to call my attention.

I read that it is related to the number 444, I do not know how accurate this is but I have seen that number for years in my life.

A few days ago I saw a sigil alternative to the common and unlike other sigils that I tried to open, it began to react faster than normal and felt a great energy to see it.
Today at night I plan to try again.
By the way, since I saw that sigil, strange things have happened in my house and my mother is Catholic so she cleaned my house…