Azazel & the Sticky-Wicket

I found myself in a terrible & dangerous predicament once, & without asking, Azazel showed up & got me out of the scrape. He’s done this only once that I know of, but because of him I found myself in a far safer environment where I was led to some amazing people: a Daemonic Druid & his apprentice who befriended me after Azazel told me to go outside & to walk around at just the right moment.

This brought me to the attention of these two who in turn became very good & kind friends of mine. We talked, & the Druid (Adam) told me he was told by a powerful spirit to come outside & speak with me. We talked & he said he would had spoken to me sooner had he known I was a practitioner.

Over our time together we became very close & it was he who pointed out that I had come by some powerful gifts, naturally & wasn’t just crazy. He urged me to learn to control & use them, else they would continue to cause me great distress as they were at the time.

Thanks to him & Azazel, I may had not been here this day, apart of this wonderful community, & on this path.


Hail Azazel

Thank you for sharing your story.