Azazel the liberator

he is a legion and a liberator so if he can liberate couldn’t he help rebel or establish something or give knowledge on how to do so

I’m not sure I understand your question, are you wanting to rebel against something? You’ve been trying to get his attention for a while now.

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what makes Azazel a liberator? :wink:
He can show you the right weapon to do things, he can teach you to fight. Keep in mind that you are the one, who needs to act in the end.:smiling_imp:


It was mentioned he is a liberator from people or I might be wrong

Well depending on which version of him you want to go with, as the scapegoat, he liberated you from your sins, as Prometheus he gave you fire liberating you from your cold and dark life. There’s many versions of his easel but the common thread is they all fight For the betterment of mankind.

He was my first introduction to a different kind of vision, he was the steppingstone that allowed me to move beyond the physical attachment that bind you to the earthly plane and reveals much much more of the spiritual plane as I progressed through the nine gate keepers. There’s many things that bind us here, money love power friends family fast cars sexy women etc. etc. But those things are just things. I don’t expect everybody to agree with that but is it is my honest experience.

He has allowed me to see the underlying causes of many things that happen in my life which turned out to be very different to how they would appear When working with normal sight.

So I do tend to agree with you that he is a liberator.


When working with a spirit especially a new one like a gatekeeper I ask for the knowledge Of the spirit and build a relationship before I go on asking for blessings, the blessings will come don’t get me wrong … sometimes if your asking for material blessings right of back you might not even feel that spirit or He or She will just leave, they want to know your dedication is sincere, then after working a relationship the blessings will start to poor in through manifestation and having a outlet for that manifestation, wonderful things of King will come through…I’m probably way off subject but I’m currently working with King Azazel and consider him definitely a Liberator!! From all sorts of perspectives , He has so much to offer just a great Daemon to work with …
Hail Azazel


I once asked him about his ‘liberation’ and he replied that he set free from needing to be accepted, from having to justify moral and social choices. Liberation is the moment when a human becomes self-conscious “as a being of endless possibilities, to use the same words Belial spoke to you”.

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This is a thing that I consider to be pretty important. Feeling guilty and ashamed is a weapon with which other could supress you und use this power to their advantage. In horror movies demons often attack ppl with their conscience. We are no sinners. This is something Azazel teaches and it is remarkable that the Hebrews - according to the Old Testament - sent the goat for Azazel alive to him (Dudael desert) while the one for Yahweh was killed.

Yes, he passes us knowledge about all kinds of weapons. So it does not need to be literally a sword. :wink:

I agree! He was the first one I worked with. Azazel is wonderful. Lightbringing.

Ignite the black flame. :clap:

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