Azazel the compassionate

I want to praise Azazel in this thread. If you want to build a relationship with a being of power and knowledge look no further. If you chase for ascent, knowledge, magical knowledge and know how, and to improve your mortal life. Ask Azazel and become friends with him.

Azazel is the greatest being I have met. In the fact that he has given me what I needed when I needed it. He has always pulled through for me. Even when I’m in doubt he is understanding of my emotion. I have been through the dirt that life throws at you countless times and I always call him. He always has my back and he is very understanding. Very motivational and all.

Just now I had success with another ritual. He has told me not to doubt and to fight and I have.

Build a solid relationship with Azazel and do the work to evolve and ascend on your side. He will always help those who help themselves and chase after ascent.

All hail Lord Azazel, dark Lord of power and miracles.

Seriously, amazing spirits to work with. When you need ascent and to improve your mortal life he will pull through for you every time.


\0/ azazel

Totally agree with you. Everything you said mirrors my experience of Azazel. A wonderful being and ally. :slight_smile:


I’ve heard many descriptions of him, but I’ve never heard anybody call him compassionate. Maybe I need to have a talk with the guy.


You make me wanna call on him again… but I can’t handle the emotional mess just yet… he wants me to face everything head on but am not there yet…

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For me it is strange how I got to hear his name. I was working and trying to rescue this Muslim guy who has mental issues, destroying his own home, writing on the wall on the topic of end of days. He looked himself up in a bunker and refuse to come out. He said he is hearing voices from Azazel and telling him to do things. I wonder who is this Azazel. I know he is a demon but didn’t know more until stumbling on BALG. I am just waiting for the release of the Compendium of Azazel and see how I can get to work with him. I was intrigued after reading EA’s Book of Azazel.

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How many times did you have to practice invoking him in order to get a solid response from Azazel? How did I feel? I have never invoked or evoked any being as I my know how to do it. I know EA’s has a course on it but I have yet to try it. I would like to hear your journey on learning too Invoke/evoke Azazel. Pls share with us.

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Buy The Book of Azazel and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue:

He made himself known to me first, when I bought that book and was reading it.

What I used to invoke him!

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:rofl: yes I watched

He showed up in no time…

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Yes, I have finished that and waiting for the Compendium.

And he didn’t rock up?

You could try petitioning him through his sigil first. No need for a full on evocation, at least not as an intro (unless that’s something you feel an impulse about).

I would say how is your senses to the supernatural?

Nothing happened after finishing the book. I went on to learn/read more about Lilith and the Qliphoth. I went to sleep and later in my sleep (I became conscious) I feel caresses on my private part and some emery sensations on my arms😊 I thought it felt great and wasn’t afraid. I was intrigued by the occurrence. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen again.

So it doesn’t come easily, but it does. First, you need to drop into a serious trans. This state must be as deep as possible. I move back and forth slightly to stop myself from falling asleep. I pay his enn on youtube and I call out to him. Initially, you’ll feel an energy or a feeling around the room like if the room was filled with a feeling. As you continue to do this you’ll reach a point were you will know he is there. As him respectfully if he is there. Silence your mind. You will feel a slight bit of intuition. Keep asking questions and listening to the responses. The longer you go with this, the more clear the answer will become.

As you begin to call him every time his answer will become clear to you.

I’m at the point were he speaks through me and I can see him in my mind vaguely. His voice is almost my voice, but I know it’s not because of the answers and confidence I receive.

There are things you can do to accelerate or empower this. On would be drawing his sigil in gold leaf (Thank you, Kurtis Joseph). Then placing sexual fluids or blood. Blood seems more appropriate to me sometimes. You can also bring a bowl of water. Fill the room with smoke or incense or vape juice (Believe it or not) just make sure to ventilate the area.

Also shutting off all the lights, wearing earphones.

Your main goal is to lose yourself in the trance until you know for a fact that you feel jolts of energy and the floor is no longer there. Maybe the room won’t exist anymore when you open your eyes slightly.

I would draw his sigil and place blood on it, however, if you are uncomfortable with that you don’t have to. Just know that even just calling him once will place forever in your life so become an ally.


Thank you for sharing your experiences.