Azazel Sword Ritual

I have performed the ritual during the eclipse, but I’m not sure what to do next. Can anyone point me in a direction or give me instructions on how to proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try meditating on azazels sigil or evoke him
daily meditations specific to him, like the black sun for instance
i haven’t really gotten very far myself and i got the info from him through communicating with a pendulum and tarot cards that i should find another spirit to guide me in the beginning…to prepare me for azazel so to speak
i hope i could help a little bit atleast
good luck for the future🤘🏻

Hey guys, was the Sword of Azazel Ritual just for the eclipse? Because I can’t find it any longer on the site.

You were of considerable help, thank you for your reply.

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I believe it was, but it is still on the site.

Yeah, but I’m wondering if it’s still possible to become a member of this club :wink:
Or if I have to wait until the next full eclipse in 2021 or the next partial eclipse in Juli 2019.