Azazel spontaneously appeared

I’ve been following this forum for a while but created an account based on an experience I had last night. I was lying in bed before sleep and working on my astral temple. The next thing I know, i see a cloaked man with a very strong jaw and broad face appear and wag his finger at me. I asked his name and he said, “Azazel”. Then I asked what he wanted and I fell asleep. I have no clue what to make of this experience. Any ideas?

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Find his sigil, and contact him. Ask him what that was all about.

To wag your finger at someone is to "reprimand or warn someone"
You will need to contact him to find out what you did wrong?

Maybe you should replan how you build your temple

That’s exactly what I was told. Not that it was bad, just that it needed to be redesigned. I’m going to have to look into this further. Thank you everyone for your input.

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