Azazel Speaks

The agenda of those in power are using technology, such as internet and radio frequencies to better allow these entities to communicate thru the static.

A spirit or entity capible of doing so has more access to our physical realm. Like candles and incense, these frequencies give these astral being better means and power to communicate with the physical realm. -Azazel.

Azazel relayed this info to me and left me with some questions…

What is the agenda of those in power reguarding this huge gateway they have opened? With everyone having phones and radio is this a big attempt to brainwash the majority (i think so) or could it be an prep for a massive awakening of the sheeple (i hope so). Anyone else have any thoughts on this?


They want to harness the power for themselves.


I honestly thought these radiowaves were just used to cause cancer, like everything else.

And learning to use said frequencies for other purposes like magic would be more like a bonus.


I did the blood in sigil and chanted his enn for 10 min nothing happend… Does azazel have any message for me?

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He spoke to my ex. She was talking to her new boytoy on a facebook messenger call. Static broke her from her call and Azazel spoke thru in what my ex described was a demonic scream saying " Fuck you, your soul belongs to him bitch, your going to hell!"

I thought about that for a day and night and last night when i was about yo pass out he told me that.

@Aaron47_lucifer just keep working with him, dedicate yourself to your intention and he will speak right to your intuition. Just stay open and listen for it, dont force it. Just ask and recieve.


@Aaron47_lucifer also i used e.a’s “alash tad al’ash tal ashtu” meditated on his sigil and told him to come. Im not new to magick but combletely newb to sigils. Trust your intuition, when you feel his darkness allow it to enter you, consume you. And most important meditate meditate meditate. Youll be put on a plane more open to their messages.

@anon496642 Right, i feel that. We could essencially use their own tech against them. The forces that keep us blind and stuck in a mundane life. They are the true enemy.


My saturn space ship (aka my Toyota Camry) was great at keeping me safe and getting the best synchronicity downloads. I was actually thinking about this today as one of the local stations is called Magic 92.5, frequencies and music play a big part in dimensions as well as quantum physics (waves) we may not be soaring in the skies with our spaceship but our means to travel between space and time is the same, I made sure to always have my select stations as favorites for my ship.
Another local station is actually right next to the local masonic lodge (hint hint) when we drove by my whole family heard a very high-pitched ringing in their ears (I thought i was the only one) my gnosis was that this was a type of shield for the area and it was discerning whether or not we were “ok”.

There is actually and entire science to it, this guy went a little too far on his whistle blowing and far -right thinking and ended up getting (allegedly) attacked with a microwave gun and ran out of his house R.I.P. but the guy might’ve just pissed off one to many people with what he said rather than his work (both his yt channels are still up).
It’s good work though and I can attest its the best frequency concoctions I know to date.

Here’s a website breaking down the different types of frequencies people are manipulated with!


This post helped me today.

Damn straight!! Thanks for posting :ok_hand:

After having read the article about V2K decided to do a little work while i was at work. Result: No brain chatter. Turned a crappy morning into a awesome day. Also felt by work colleagues. Confirmation.

Decided to work on the car before leaving work. No brain chatter.

Get home: Violent voices in the head and physical pain in the body. Do what i did at work at home. No more violent voices.

If anyone wants to know the details you can PM me.

:fire: Infernaly Greatful :fire:


You might have to develop your physic senses

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I think Azazel imore in what you learn through others and the dreams. Im still progressing through my 30 day deal and that’s how I think he communicates- for me at least

So, Azazel is now assisting enslavement of other humans, including ex bedmates of unmarried couples?


@Lady_Eva i dont know why, i was very upset at the time and put all my energy into making her feel regret for the lies and pain she caused me. I feel like it was my intentions that caused that. At this point i no longer feel any attachment to her

A clear picture was painted for me through all of this, i no longer hold resentment nut am happy for the present and future. Necessary changes, she was holding me back so much and now im free so im grateful.

I cant say for sure, i just know i put a lot intention into it and that was the result. I think it was less of a torment thing and more of a learning experience.

who exactly are these “entities” and what kind of spirit/force can they be attributed to

@13lueGemini i dont have a completely solid answer for that as i am for the first time in debthly working with spirit/entities. What i do know is we can materialize them thru meditation and intention. A lot of folks here have similar experiences working with a particular entity.

From what i can see is we are god and we can choose an entity to work with. We are them and they are us.

Ill touch more on this later. I got some stuff going on today.

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Wow man thats pretty crazy stuff. What kind of meditations? Theres a chapter in the book called psychonaut or liber null i think its called, where he talks abt magical trances etc and awakening altered states via either image vizualization and eventually projection as well as repetition of phrases (apparently the key to words of power).

I was wondering if you used similar techniques to unlock such such a level of communication. I have been trying to vizualize the sigil and recite the grand invocation/incantation of the pacts as u spoke of earlier but the most I’ve experienced so far is phrases that come via impressions , sometimes realizations, sometimes a sort of automatic vizualization, sometimes worded phrases and even bunches of words that seem to have no proper translation but of course I’m not sure whether these are 100% inspired or whether they have their origin in my subconscious lol.

@Dreamerman i was doing a really simple meditation, just focusing on my breath with the intent to communicate. Sitting in the stance e.a. does in his blue ray meditation video (i found that stance to work awesome). I was actually having a difficult time rekaxing enough to get in a theta trance, but focused on my breath for probably 2-3 hours. Eventually i saw an orange string of energy and when i focused in on it it got really intense right before the scream/laughter i heard booming in my head from right above. I was just in the woods, and sat in a meditation circle i had made. I wasnt in the mood to meditate even but did it anyway until i got the desired results.


Awesome!! I guess accessing these states mainly needs discipline…thanks for the info, much appreciated.

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