Azazel showed to me a place within body

"it seats below the navel (space between the solar plexus and sacral chakra) we call it the infernal chakra or asha’kar’manja’asa
it is the place of hell within all chakras are portals to the spiritual worlds between those there some uknown never heard before not even the monks knew them
asha’kar’manja’asa deals with aggression,power and resistance open it the heavens shall fall

focus on that point see a flaming spinning ball made out of infernal fire in the colours of orange,black yellow and red, and say this mantra “ah’yeesh 'man’kal’kalu”

it is the connector of your demonic self ahla’manaya hahaha
meditate on it and the heavens shall fall"

its interesting i got inspired to write this i knew that was azazel so go with it


how do i open it