Azazel/Shax/ Astaroth

I finished the circle Azazel and Shax have been asking me to make. My first time in the circle they worked with me on pyro stuff. My hands were heated for awhile afterwards.
The second time in the circle they said they were going to introduce me to someone new. Meaning a new demon. Or at least new for me.
It was long until a figure appeared. He wore a long dark cloak and at first that was all i could see. He looked straight at Azazel and asked " am i really needed here?“
Azazel patted the top of my head and said , " but dont you wanna play”. The new demon the crouched down to get a closer look at me. At first i really wanted to back away from him but as my relationship with Azazel is certain way i couldnt dishonor him. But the new demon looked old and had long stringy dirty hair and his mouth and teeth looked horrible and i was thinking about how terrible his breath must be. But as he moved in even closer his appearance changed …across his face were what looked like two tribal tattoos making slashes across his face but they seemed to fade in and out. His hair and eyes changed and looked younger. He kissed me softly pn the lips and told Azazel hed be back at some later date.
The whole time i was trying to catch his name and two names were coming through which i believe was a test to see if i would figure out the right one.
Now i know it was Astaroth. He is known for having fetid breath and the magician must keep their distance and were a ring of silver for protection.
I was wearing the collar i always wear when doing anything magickal Azazels rules. Yes i said collar. I am Azazels submissive yes i know im a goddess of my own but submission is a gift a gave. The collar has silver so i was protected
A few days ago i wanted to contact another demon about something mischievous that i thought it might have done and Azazel showed up saying it was his time for attention. Which confused me because he says i need to be in touch with more demons then shuts it down sometimes. So i asked him about it. He reminded in a gentle way surprisingly and thankfully that our agreements/pacts were not broken and hadnt ended and that he was still my Dom and it was his responsibility to protect me. So if it wasnt the right time, way or whatever to contact another that he.wouldnt allow it. That made me happy to know he was still being my Dom.
So after the new demon that i figured out was Astaroth left Azazel and Shax tried coaching me on more pyro. I think im not doing so great, but in circle flames shot up about half way to ceiling and i orgasmed …well i did. And Azazel just looked at me and said " are you serious right now, arianna?"…ummm …yes. I think he was just amused. Anyway, this circle pretty intense. Just thought id share some of my stuff going on lately. ~Arianna :slight_smile:


Not a test per say. A couple of months back i was really up set with my job. I remember doing my meditations and working my chakras right before i went to bed and i thought i wish it would just burn down. But then i thought wait no i need my job. The next dau i found out it caught fire and after just a few moments the sprinklers kicked in to put it out. No major damage but still. What if i hadnt had a change of heart? And sometimes i just know when something is gonna catch fire. But i dont how to control it or make it happen every time i want it to. I think part of what Azazel and Shax are teaching me. How to master and control it.

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Haha thatts awesome and no matter how you feel you are or arent doing remember this, you are probably doing a hell of a lot better than most where pyromancy is concerned bc its really a bitch and your dedication is to be admired. And yes fire is hard to control bc of all the elements it is the most alive and has a will of its own and its untame. And im sure you will get the hang of it it takes years sometimes to gain full mastery of that. As it is there are very few true oyromancers out there due to this same fact. But seriously good for you hope to hear more about this it is truly fascinating

So i met a new demon in the circle and this one was tricky, he wasnt one of better know demons and Azazel really tested me on this one.
I got three clues …1) he came in as a tornado. 2) he said he was a warrior and 3) he presented a shield. Those were my clues to figure out who he was.

He is Parmatus.
He serves beneath the four infernal princes of the cardinal directions.: Paimon, Ariton, Oriens, Amaimon.
As serving demons the for cardinal direcrions he could come as a tornado. East being for air or wind.
Also Ariton sends warriors. And Ariton has connections to Saturn and Saturn connects to Azazel.
And last the Shield. Parmatus is the "shield bearer"
This was one i had to really use all the clues and hunt for his name. Im glad i did the challenge was awesome! :slight_smile: