Azazel`s teachings

I have grown quite fond of even speaking the name Azazel. Just mentioning his name gives me a strong tingling sensation. I have spoken to him and I know he listens because he manifests in my life. I greatly respect him although the communication is one sided only. I ask if anybody has had conversations with him so that I may understand him better and be able to communicate more with him. I currently am gathering my sources to perform my first evocation and I know all will be well I am a living god among these peasant minded folks. ( not my fellow balgsters though) Does Azazel have any personal preferences to evoke him better and establish a strong, enduring relationship with him? The more info you can give me the better, thank you.

Do you use any divination methods to communicate? I mean stuff like a pendulum seems to be easier for most just starting out with spirit channeling. Just be respectful with him and serious about doing the work he requires, and that you require for your own development. He might also choose to communicate with you in dreams as well… That’s one of the ways he’s started with me

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Hmm no I dont use methods like those. I suppose they could benefit me if I tried? Why is this someting I mjst try to start talking with spirits?

It’s just to help you be able to get answers from them, at least until you develop your psychic senses enough to be able to see and hear them when you evoke them

Personally, I find dream work to be the easiest, since there is no worry about having to maintain a deep trance, its automatic!

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any suggestions for those who are rarly able to sleep and/or have problems with dream recall?

Yes, first it would be best to check out the source of the problem. Any health issues, underlying stress, work overload? Try to reduce it from there first… Then go overboard with doing relaxing things before bed like having a soothing bath with candle lights, and rose petals. A bath mixed with 1/2 cup seas salt and 1/2 cup vinegar in warm water is a good way to both soothe you and expel any negative energy that may be making you feel full of tension. As for dream recall, do regular memory exercises in the day, it can even be with mundane things… the more that becomes a habit, the more you will program your subconscious mind to enhance memory, which will also carry over into the dream state

as far as the not sleeping goes, it’s just the way i am. At least as far as i or any medical/psychological type that i’ve spoken to can tell. My health is fantastic and i have a natural “chill” and efficiency when it comes to dealing with “problems”. as far as negative energy, i’m fairly sure that as a general i only carry resting energy unless i’m using it for something (subconsciously since i’ve yet to master directing that energy in any way other than the physical), so the energy becomes what it needs to become to do the job. the memory excercises are something i’ve been workng on for quite a while, as things have had a tendancy to “go missing” in conversion from short-term to mid/long-term memory, but that has yet to spill over into dream recall. what i was mostly asking about is other possible methods while waking, preferably without -too- much ritual type stuff involved (if rituals are training wheels, i want as little as possible so they do the job of a training aid rather than becoming a crutch, and an excuse for failure).

Oh, well that’s interesting… Just so I can get a better idea, how long do you sleep on average, like say, 4 hours? Given that you say you have good health, I’m just assuming (I could be wrong) that you just end up sleeping less, since your body is practically stable and full of energy all the time, so it simply doesn’t need it so much

if you averaged everything out into a nightly pattern then i guess maybe 2-4hrs a night, but in practice it’s more of a cyclic pattern, for a few months i’ll sleep 4hrs for 2 nights a week, then for a few weeks i’ll sleep 6-8hrs a night every night.

Do you have a regular exercise routine? Maybe that can either help tire you a bit more and stay asleep longer, other than that, I’m not sure what else to suggest since you wanted less of a ritualistic touch. I know of a few herbal teas that are supposed to help with both deep sleep and lucid dreaming, but since I never had a need to try them, I cannot accurately say how effective they are

daily martial arts, weights, cardio, and more recently bringing back the daily meditation time as well. That on top of physically and mentally demanding tasks at home. Excersice is no problem, like i said i’m probably just built to be awake more and asleep less, since i’m only tired near the times i’m able to sleep rather than being always tired but never sleeping.

Yea, it seems you’re pretty much adapted to than then, which I envy! hah

it’s both a blessing and a curse, while i may not need much sleep to recharge and do all the sleep things i need to do while i’m asleep…i have a TON more time on my hands than most people, so yeah i can do more and progress seemingly faster in certain things, but when i reach saturation point and am sitll far from sleeping i have a lot longer to just wait out the inevitable boredom of not actually doing anything (there’s only so long you can sit around watching stuff or playing games before the activity, or lack thereof, gets boring).

Huh, never really thought of it like that… In that case maybe you should look into the herbal teas for sleep aid?

Just in reference to your sleeping habits, don’t take any medication like zzquil or the like to help you sleep longer. The drugs will knock you out and and you wont remember anything when you wake up. Seems like common sense but I do alot of dream communication with spirits and when I want to be left alone, I’ll take a sleep aide.

How can I do those methods which you have talked about? The more detail you can give me the better thanks.

Personally, I find dream work to be the easiest, since there is no worry about having to maintain a deep trance, its automatic!

Ok, what I usually do is right before I go to sleep, I draw the sigil or write the name of the spirit I want to talk to. Then I put the sigil under my pillow, and for a few minutes, visualize it as clear as possible. This works most of the time for me.

I was actually prescribed quite a few different sleeping pills and tried a lot of different herbal teas back when i thought my sleeping patterns might potentially be a problem if they stayed that way much longer, but the pills had no effect on me other than dulling me down to almost a vegetable while they were in effect, i still didn’t sleep, wasn’t tired, never gained any useful or even enjoyable effects from them, so i stopped bothering and the whole ballache of an ordeal just confirmed my original feeling that i should just go with my natural pattern and only try to change it if it actually presented prblems.

What about trying to work with this spirit? :slight_smile: