Azazel protector of goats

I’m doing research on Azazel. I’ve seen pictures and some statues of him with goats and in most of the descriptions it is said that he is the protector of goats. Does anybody know anything about this? Thanks.

I do believe it goes back far into history involving the beginning of raising livestock. Your most important asset was your animals and therefore the herders would pray to keep the animals safe from predators, diseases, and thieves. In the form of his pagan god origin he was probably assigned that at some point and it carried on into his Christian demon mask as the people converted.

In the Old Testament times the Levities would sacrifice one goat to Yahweh and send one out into the desert for Azazel. The goat to Yahew was seen as an offering for the forgiveness of transgressions and the goat to Azazel was to appease him.

No idea what he did with the goat, they literally just drove it out into the wilderness. Maybe he was like “Aww, poor little goat. It’s probably a stray…”

This actually shows the polytheistic nature of the Hebrews that is glossed over today by folks that want your money.

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