Azazel possession

So an Azazel incantation lead to possession and speaking demonic tongues. What was weird about it, is I dont think it was for me. I felt a strong magician above me who was atral travelling/remote viewing me and Azazel was speaking to him, about me or maybe just through me. Wasn’t my message, so I dont get to know that. And I’m ok with that. The only thing I got was a name for myself I have never heard before. Anyone have any insight or experience with this kind of possession before? I feel more protected and like a aspect of my soul came back to and for me a type, happy fuzzy vibe within my essence activated, if that helps at all.


plz tell me what incantation you used.

I will pm you later. I wrote it.

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THNX,I will be waiting.

speaking languages can also be selfposession, dont give too much cred to beings that you feel obsessive, they are just fiending lifesource from living…

i believe you can be posessed with system “azazel” but i dont see as demonic posession…

you promised to pm the incantation

Just try Itz rel itz rel Azazel or Eya on ca Azazel aken.

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Can you give us the incantation