Azazel pact break recision

I tried changing the contract terms of my pact with Azazel to include that I agreed to the terms therein until my earthly death- at first I invoked him, felt him but did not see his face, especially because of the triangle of manisfestation being faced down, but he spoke through my voice, said ok, dont burn the pact, and then I changed the other item about being exclusive to him and his demons, and that I have doubts, then I felt his wrath, and anger and attitude, he said if I have doubts and if I change it so much, then make another pact, and burn this one! Rescind this one! It is no good, and come back to him when I have the original one, the one that I have my original terms, nothing copied (I copied almost all of the terms in E.A. Koetting’s pact in the Book of Azazel, plagiarizing is a sin, that I cannot fool myself and anyone in the spirit world, to learn my lessosn and then come back and rewrite. Also, that he will give me energy for other works, that I dont need to pact with him unless I work very advanced things. I did it out of inspiration, but also of greed, but that wasn’t the problem, I jumped to conclusions without being true to myself, for I have much to learn.

Azazel also told me that I have to be very objective and willful, Always, and everything in my magick has to be purposeful, never vague.

I am feeling very drained during the day, but that is fine.

I feel it was the right thing to do, Azazel instructed me to burn the pact since it was of no use any longer, until a new one was made. Any instructions or advice on this?


If he advised you on how to do it successfully then why are you asking us? I’m not sure why you can’t add an addendum to your original pact.

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Because I think it’s a serious matter, and I just jumped into it head on

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Tut tut. I wish people would think things through very deeply and seriously…prior to pacts/contracts. You’ll know next time though…this is a lesson for you. Prince Azazel is a patient teacher though. I deeply regard and respect his methodology.

A pact is a pact, it’s a mutual promise, I don’t even know why you thought you could change it without breaking it. That’s not what a pact is about.

I don’t recommend making any more pacts until you have more experience and can be certain you can follow through.

I’m not being judgy there… That’s exactly why I didn’t make a pact with Azazel. He refused to make one with me and he was right, I won’t be confined and I’d just break at as soon as it felt like an impingement on my freedom, probably on principle.
I’m nothing if not inconsistent :slight_smile:


Remember Faust… A contract is a contract.

This is why we are friends…

Yeah. Don’t do it. If it didn’t work out the first time…

Be careful, you change the pact over and over they won’t trust you any longer and will start to play games with you. Remember these beings are very old and understand the human language much deeper than we do since they were there when it was created. They can use it in your favor or against you. I would personally just ask to work with these people and wait until the right time comes to create any contracts. A contract is a very serious deal… Azazel and myself still are working ours out, we both keep refusing and re-writing the works… been working on it for a long time. Make sure everything is exactly as you want it before you sign. There are demonic lawyers that can get involved.

I have heard of these guys, you do not want them on your case, you thought that human lawyers were assholes? Just wait, get these guys involved in your life, and watch how fast everything goes downhill.

Has anyone contacted a spirit after their death and pact with Azazel to get a glimpse on what happens to them? Has Azazel told any of you outright what becomes of you when it’s time to collect?

I’d honestly think this might be brought up? I mean really? What’s any spirit do with a new soul? Put you in demon school? Blank your brain to be a mindless drone in its legion.

And is there a difference from a PACT and a CONTRACT? Seems close to the same to me.

That’s a great question, and exactly why I thought backing out was great since I needed to know what is going to happen and also if whats going to happen to my soul is pactualized also… and if it is worth it. I have heard terrible stories about being held “hostage” for thousands of our years by certain pacts in their dimention, before being able to return to earth to reincarnate again.

In fact I remeber something he told me in an earlier calling, that they were thinking the pact through, and that I really have a calling and a strong inclination to working with Belial, in that Belial feels very powerful, has an intimidating nature, but is not intimidating to me and feels very familiar to work with, so that I should have done a pact with him, if any at all… This is the main reason why at this time a pact with Azazel would not work anyways…