Azazel - Other Realms

So i was curious if anyone here had experience with Azazel and visiting other realms? I stumbled upon a YouTube video (I don’t remember who the video was from) last night and found a chant:

o Shi shi bub kushni banda.

I changed this several times before sleep. I didn’t feel like I was being sent to another realm, but I did wake up a few hours later with an immense amount of spiritual pressure in the room. I say pressure because energy felt like it was putting pressure on my body.

It was an odd experience. I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this chant or experienced something similar?


The Youtube video was :


Yes, this. What are your thoughts?

Since last night, I’ve also been incredibly tired and a bit stressed out today. I’m having to take a lot of deep breaths to keep calm as well as keeping me from trying to blow up work haha.

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