Azazel only works with you if you pact?

Im curious as Im calling him in my meditations, I have to pact to stablish a link with him?

You can try a divination and see if you get results.

Already done and looks fruitful, I was curious just that. The only offerings Ive done to this day been incense and candles

Nope Azazel will work with you if you don’t have a pact too, a pact just would solidify the terms of how you would work with him.

Great then, tis always been this way in my relatonships with spirits thanks both for your replies

Azazel has worked with me before, during and after the pact. I recommend working with him exclusively in a pact when the time is right. Trust me, you’ll know when a pact is necessary. The pact becomes an intense time of discipline and magickal growth, his nethers obey and teach you based on the authority of the pact. Good Luck.