Azazel is amazing!

Okay, I am very impressed with him! I didn’t even expect for him to show up, but he proved me wrong! I made a simple 7 day pact with him. Possession of my body for protection. Not only he gives me protection, but he is in my body guiding me and helping me with various things, teaching me. I hear him as a clear distinct second voice in my mind. I have many issues. Low blood pressure, getting dizzy, had a demon possess me, constantly eating junk food. He helps/healed with all of that which wasn’t even in the pact. He is awesome! I just can’t stop thinking about him how awesome he is. He gives me many things and is an excellent teacher. But don’t get me wrong… He does want me to learn! He doesn’t do everything for me. He asks from me to put in the effort as well. But he did give me many things for free. I just gave him simple offerings like blood and dragon’s blood incense. I don’t consider that as payment, but a gesture of good will. The pact runs out after a couple of days, I plan to renew it for a longer period of time if he agrees to it of course.

P.S. I have many other serious issues which I won’t go into detail here. If you evoke him, expect and do work yourself if you need his help. He CAN give things just for free, but most of the time not. I think the reason he healed me from many things is it because it’s his body now as well. I accept that. Hail Azazel!


How to make pact with Azazel?

First read what he says through me since you’re obviously new to this:

  • Never break the pact otherwise there WILL be consequences.
  • Always be RESPECTFUL in anything you ask of him.
  • Don’t let your expectations be too high, you might or might not have the same results as somebody else. It all depends on the relationship you have with him. He can be your friend or enemy, it depends.
  • Don’t expect anything for free, do the work yourself and then ask him for help.
  • You might not hear him like I do or sense nothing, but he WILL shop up if you try hard enough, trust me.

Are you serious about the pact and do you still want to do it?

P.S. Don’t ask me for answers from Azazel. This is the only time I’ll relay what he said to me.


What do you mean I should do the work by myself? I wanna like have him with me and talk with him, so he can help me and you know like a friend…

Let’s be realistic… Can you hear other spirits? If the answer is no, then you probably won’t hear him.


I just tried to evoke him, the sigil started dissapearing and I closed my eyes, when I closed my eyes I started crying but not much like 2 tears, and I got goosebumps, so I said that he’s my lord and I’d like him to be with me all day and all night, he can come in my dreams and guide me…

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I am still working with Azazel without a pact this time. Pacts are not always necessary and people shouldn’t jump into a pact without considering it from all angles. He is still around me, guiding me in life and watching over me. He is like a mentor to me and a friend at the same time. He does always come up with the best advice. I like him personally and the advice he has given me.

I’ve gained knowledge from working with him mostly about magic. He is the god of witchcraft after all. When I do any dark magic spells with him, I’ve seen great results! Trust him and his power because he’s got lots of it and he will use it.

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I love reading success stories with Azazel! He is absolutely incredibly amazing and that’s honestly probably not a good enough description of who and what he is. I LOVE Azazel! I myself am still growing my senses so I am not yet able to understand his instructions but I invoke him daily and I feel him when he answers my call. I did an evocation of him this morning as I woke and plan on doing another tonight. I’ll probably do this every morning and night before bed for the next 9 days.

I ask that you keep sharing your works with him as I get inspired by the succes stories.

Thank you again for sharing and be blessed!


I’ve always like Azazel, Zazel. His strength knowledge and power is unique.


Hail Azazel!!!


Azazel has been helping me a lot since my last post. He gives me the confidence to do magic. He gives me the power to walk with confidence. That is for now. In the future, I need to be as independent as I can but I’ll know as long as I keep in touch with him he’ll be there for me. Azazel really does care.

Me and Azazel have been working on a custom spell binding. It’s called “Energy Wall”. It protects my bodies against negativity including other entities. The shield is not perfect but I’ll make it better and more efficient. Best part this shield spell is bound to my spirit. The demons try to always find loopholes. They did this 3 times a row and found loopholes which let them destroy the shield. No problem, I built it back up with same programming just fixed the loopholes. This shield really saved my life. Azazel was doing a lot of work on this one. I thank him for that.

I was being attacked constantly, I felt like I have almost hundred of demons in my body at times. Often I was talking non sense and not controlling my body, etc. All normal possession signs. Azazel saved me from being a mindless drone. Through suggestions in thebeginnjng, but he did it to save me from that state. I was not understanding what’s happening and the negative spirits tried to always take advantage. But Azazel was there for me.

Azazel has been helping me through this tough time. It’s not easy. But he has always been there for me before and even now. He’s teaching me how to fight with banishing rituals and how to apply magic to my day to day life. I am glad he is choosing to help me. Thanks Azazel!

I am also on the 5th day tomorrow of evocating Azazel. When I evocated before, I picked up a girl straight away and went to party at her house which never happened to me before. I was so surprised.

When Azazel fully posseses you, it’s incredible. I felt what he is thinking about things in general. I got his confidence. But I feel like it’s not an equal trade knowing my insecurities. However let’s just appreciate that he can be really kind often.

Remember - WORK WITH him and you’ll see the results.