Azazel Hitting My Line

What up BALG fam! So I’ve been mostly focused on invoking my daemon and tapping into my higher divinity, but recently I’ve had a strong pull towards the Watchers/gatekeepers especially Azazel. At first it started off with coming across various grimoires focused on Azazel and “genius” Magick, but it eventually became a situation to where Azazel was popping up in my dreams. As a matter of fact, in my most recent dream I was perceiving myself as Azazel himself(it was very fuckin trippy to say the least). I feel like at this stage of magickal transformation, Azazel is attempting to reveal or bring something to my attention. I was initially going to reach out to him using a ritual framework from Michael ford’s “Watchers & Witches of the Sabbat” but I’m also open to pointers on how I can go about working with the Demon King.