Azazel his direction leading me to Satanism

so with Azazel he has been pulling me towards the flesh based Satanism and philosophy of Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan Azazel has pointed out that this is the best solution for me as you worship thyself and embrace the flesh being a carnal beast and not denying yourself pleasures and that you are your own God and the earth is your kingdom… so thoughts on just embracing the flesh instead of the spiritual and worshiping yourself… imo Azazel is the one who pushed Anton in creating the CoS and loves the philosophy of loving yourself and embracing your carnal nature…



for example I’ve tried many times to spirit travel and escape the body but Azazel says no embrace the flesh and the carnal focus on the pleasures of life and make earth your kingdom its simple philosophy but my stubborn self wants the exciting magick and powers but that in his eyes is being unrealistic and not my path…



I joined to CoS a few years ago and I think you’re right.