Azazel Evocation

So just to post a recent attempt at evocation of Azazel this morning.

So I got out the universal circle and set up the ritual with incense and the sigil of Azazel. Cleared the energy with water that I charged. I stood in the circle and visualize a light coming into me and awakening the god within me and I called out to Azazel. My purpose for this ritual was to ask for guidance and for Azazel to help awaken my powers. Now I haven’t really developed my astral vision or astral hearing yet so I didn’t really expect to hear or see anything but I sat in the circle just meditating for a few minutes. Then I saw a vision of my left hand becoming what looked like a demon hand and without opening my eyes I started flexing it and visualizing dark energy coming into it. After about a minute of that I found that my right hand started glowing with a white light. Weird experience but I have a very active imagination so I don’t know whether it was a vision that Azazel sent me or if it was just me.

Anyway I just wanted to post an experience and if anything it was pretty cool.

As always thanks for reading and if anyone have any insights or thoughts please share.


I am a newbie to evocation as well. I can relate on so many levels. I don’t see anything in the smoke, but I feel stuff that I dont usually feel unless I am doing an evocation- aside from the third eye thing which I always get with meditation or when I just focus on it. It is always different, but the feelings involve:

-intense pressure in my head
-intense pressure in my ears. Last night, while evoking Paimon, my ears were ringing- well my left ear. It was almost deafening. At one point, it felt like liquid was seeping out of my ear, but nothing was physically there.
-Last night for the first time, I heard impressions of words in my head. I also saw an impression of a face in flashes. I only saw it when I closed my eyes though, or when I blinked.

  • I always feel a prickly sensation which starts at the base of my neck and covers my scalp.
  • I always feel my third eye opening. That tingling warm sensation. It almost feels like it is buzzing.
    -I sometimes feel a bit sick. My first evocation was with Dantalion and I was really quite ill afterwards. Not sure why.

I too am very imaginative. I am an artist, so it is a part of me. I am not anywhere near close to being an expert in these matters, but I know, from the depths of my soul, that everything that happens to me during evocation is real and caused by the spirits trying to reach out to me. I am just not developed enough to receive everything clearly, but that will come with time.

I suspect it may be the same for you. We just have to keep practising until our senses adjust to the experience of evocation.

When doing evocations, start with the black mirror. It’s very good for opening astral senses and training them. It will help you see spirits in an actual physical evocation. Also, work with Sastan and Mepsitahl for developing the astral senses and polishing them.

Remember, to master any working, do things one step at a time, beginning with the lowest, and master those steps.

A couple nights ago I got a little bit of phenomenon for the first time during evocation.The sigil began to flash yellow so I thought it was a sign of the sigil being opened.I was summoning Astaroth for power,so I began the incantations and relaxed my gaze into the smoke then I got an intense case of tunnel vision,and all Icould ser was static.The static didn’t really take on a form but there was some definent movement.I also caught a glimpse of what I thought were eyes everytime I inhaled.I went ahead and gave the command for power,and dismissed whatever was there.So far I don’t feel any different.

Thank you Elison. Good advice for us newbies :slight_smile: