Azazel Evocation: Hail Azazel!



Azazel is a great entity! I’ve been connected with him for a while I feel and did a small evocation awhile back. This time I felt Azazel was leading me to something or he wanted me to get something.
I decided if he wanted me to get something (At least it felt that way) he was the best to call to help me get it.

I laid out of my Universal Circle, got on my Azazel Shirt, A triangle necklace, Lit a red candle that I had carved Azazel into, I used cinnamon incenses because I didn’t have vanilla or lavender like a lot suggests, the incenses was red like the candle so I thought it would be nice. I had a scrying bowl full of water and drew his sigil on paper. Yeah, a lot for some but I really wanted to and felt like it was a good idea.

I didn’t do a banishing mainly cuz I did a cleansing a few days earlier and I felt self but more or less it slipped my mind.

I chanted “Itz rel Itz rel Azazel” and “Come Azazel Come” While staring at his sigil. I felt a presence enter my room and I was engulfed. I didn’t hear or see anything internally or externally but I felt something and used my dowsing rods to get answers.

I asked if he was here and the rods showed he was.

I then asked if he was leading me towards the sword of Azazel ritual that is being performed because I kept having weird inner thoughts about a black sword and being infused with Azazel as if I was his weapon, plus the name kept coming into my head, and soon after that I kept hearing songs that referenced a dark sword ort an evil king plus a weird desire for said ritual when before I was meh about it.

  • He responded with yes.

I then asked and commanded in a respectful manner that he obtain me the money for it as I don’t fully have it. The money I was given by my family over Christmas was a lot but it is for school and food for this semester.

  • He agreed he would.

I then asked if he wanted something from me as the rods are mainly used for yes or no.

  • It was yes.

I thought it would be blood or something material but it wasn’t, he wanted devotion and dedication along with after the ritual a pact of possession which I did offer him but it is not fleshed out yet as I’m not able to see or hear spirits can only get simple info.

I was quite it for a lot for a lot of it, feeling his energy mainly but when I asked if we were done (as I felt there was something else to do but didn’t have much else to say) and he said no and I realized I didn’t give him a time frame. So I said that and I asked him other things.

He basically thought me about the atmosphere of evocation in a stubble way as I forgot a lot about it and felt a bit overwhelmed.

After the evocation, I remembered all the stuff I thought I should say but maybe I didn’t need to and that’s why I couldn’t remember.

So that was basically my evocation of Azazel, it seems things are going well. If you all have any input I’d love to hear it!

Azazel's effects