Azazel Dream

Last night I dreamed i was calling out to Azazel to see if he would come to me. I called his name 2 or 3 times and then suddenly in the distance I saw 2 dark shadowy dogs materialize and they ran up to me and started biting/attacking me. I fended them off with my arms which they kept biting at. I wasn’t really scared of them (I’m not scared of dogs in general) and there was no pain in my dream. Azazel himself never appeared. And then the dream was over.

My initial reaction to reading this is that it was a test of your commitment. It didnt hurt cause it wasnt meant to. but it was suppose to see how you would react. You didnt back down. Test passed. Press forward.

That… is totally fucking cool! Last night I had something similar (well, not an animal, but still) that I got hit by a truck while I couldn’t see it coming. I was on a little moped switching lanes (symbolic of switching life direction?) It hit me dead center in my spine and I felt not a single bit of pain… I just got up and walked it off light normal… Also after Azazel was bugging me during a client’s reading… I wonder how many others hes been doing that with right now?