Azazel dream

I find my self in a misty and fogged place.
Its dark out night and I’m by a bridge talking to Azazel.
I’ve never evoked or summoned Azazel but I’ve had dreams of me and him talking on or by a bridge.
He says pain is required in my training.
I agree.
He pulls out a gun and says in order to bring out whats dormant i need to be in pain.
He also points out he likes guns.
He tells me of a goetia Daemon that is one of his aspects.
Says he hates being summoned by that aspect.
He shoots both of my arms.
I scream.
A daemonic and malveolavelent being that looks like a baby with a large head with fangs like a vampire with red skin engulfed in fire comes out of me.
Azazel says its source.
He says to kill it.
I proceed to.
I kill him.
Then i wake up.

The fuck just happend?


I think he removed a negative binding force from you, I’ve seen a thing like this before.

I’m very curious which one?


It starts with an m and sounds like mea

Let me see…

Just came to me


Interesting, thanks! :+1:

He’s said to deceive the conjurer, that certainly fits with not being happy about being called.


That’s what I was going to say. He killed something that was holding him back.


“He says pain is required in my training.”

Wow thats exactly what he was trying to get me to tell you earlier about your pain this morning.


Who me?

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YES you!

Well. I love pain! Pain is pleasure! Lol! So bring it on baby! I can not be beaten.

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