Azazel does help

I was using this last night, those 11 symbols around the 11 pointed star are the 11 flames from the Azazel Compendium.

I am so very glad i got Azazel backing me off, i just came up with this idea, just from my imagination, and those 11 sigils around are out of the Azazel compendium i own and all i did was use it the very way i have been using from 17 years old this is a very new one, and put it under my bed before i go to sleep, Friday today i didn’t have Anglicare support, so i went to Westfield Marion today a shopping center, i went to JB hifi looking for a laptop computer nothing that interest me, i left went had lunch, the i went to Radio Rentals and i ended up getting a Acer Predator i7 its got a 1060 GPU after i was thinking i was very successful i certainly have Azazel in my life if it wasn’t for last night i would succeeded today.

If anyone would like to download it they can.