Azazel: compendium

That Azazel compendium be a really awesome book, that grimoire has seem to work really well for EA, i can tell very well by his eyes, i tell you why.

At the top of balg forum where you can click on the link it will take to where you can purchase, i done it plenty of times and it is the most awesome thing i have seen, if all interested take a careful look Its EA sitting holding the Azazel grimoire, and have a look at his eyes especially his left eye, those eyes are Haunted, i can tell that photo comes over Haunted more i look at his eyes especially left eye, i get a feeling like there is an entity very clearly, anybody interested, feel free, and let me know, i get the same looking at my 19th century Haunted renaissance painting, check it out it is so cool, tell me if EA is Haunted.

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I will say NO.
Simply for the general understanding of the word haunted.
The word hunted is usually refered to in talk about ghosts/spirits of the dead and its more used with places and objects then ppl and then last and most important in the case is that a haunting is an act of for lack of other word possesions against someones will.
Now being that E.A works with so many spirits, in hes books feeling of times where the spirits been with him and inside him for weeks ofc he can have a spirit inside him even in this picture but thats not haunting then its surely a choice of him so again.
Haunted No

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Possessed, maybe.


In the sense that E.A usually uses that word, quite likely

Thank you for clarifing that, hes just possessed.