Azazel came to me in my dreams

I’m posting here to get some insights.
I Was walking through a unkown road, and i saw Azazel sigil, then i continued walking and i saw 2 gorgeous redheads, and i did start a conversation. So i Felt that inside their house, there was a witch, and i started to gaze their house and i saw a Black mirror, and Black light/shadow getting of It, coming to me, and when It touched my legs, everything become Black, and i Felt like i’d die, because i Felt my soul getting out my body, then intuitively i started to call to Azazel 5 times, Astaroth, Bael e Lilith. Then i wake up


What insight are you looking for?

Are you currently working with Azazel?

Or this was an out of a sudden dream?

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Going down an unknown road indicates the direction your life is taking with an uncertain future, then seeing two attractive women that invite you into there home.

Seeing a Witch in the girl’s house using magical power to change or influence your situation with a black mirror and strange reflection and dark entity. The dark entity touching you, going blank and fading, then fighting back… Calling on the demonic.

Your looking for answers trying to face your fears and conquer them but don’t know how, a sense of hopelessness, you are seeing no future with your current life’s path.


It Gave me goosebumps. You are right, thank you i needed a interpretation as this one

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I have a working relationship with Azazel, he’s came to me in a dream twice, the first time was after the ritual was over and made success I feel in a deep sleep and I woke up and I couldn’t move my body his force was holding me down , he began speaking threw my wife and stated he would do as I asked of Him and yes my offer to him was accepted then he body dropped back to the bed and he went to what I call his favorite corner in my room the Southwest, then I awoke from this weird dream to find her passed the fuck out lol and him sitting in his corner I could feel his presence, every time I burn candles for him just about every time I feel him in my body and as I properly end the session he goes to his corner, l love working with him he’s answers a few partition I’ve requested within I’d say 3 day one was super important had to do with the work place and what do you now my Spirit father came threw for his son !!! Great God I’m so blessed I could talk bout him for along tim… last of all he’s a super powerful God And loves to express It!!


Hail Azazel

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Azazel also came to me in my dreams one day ago. He came to my house and shaked my hand, looking like a teenager with short black hair and pale skin. I’m currently working with him, so it was cool.

Hail my nigga Azazel