Azazel as main mentor?

Lady Eva has finally gotten it through my thick skull: I would be well served by working with one main entity (at least initially) in order to help me get onto a solid path in black magick. I have heard a lot of good things about Azazel being a good teacher. So I am thinking of working with him if I can ever make contact. But in one of EA’s last videos he made it seem like Azazel is not the demon to go to to do something to directly change circumstances in one’s life. Of course “learning to fish” is good in the long run. But right now I need a demon to bring things about in my life in a more direct way.can he do that for me?

Yes, he can. The demons of the Book of Azazel are not only directly tied to him, but all of them exist for the express purpose of causing earthly change.

Don’t hesitate!

He can help with your problems. I’ve never worked with Azazel. He seems like a good demon to work with but I have close ties to other demons right now and I don’t like the idea of having to cut all ties to work with Azazel.

Azazel has never asked me to cut all ties with other demons.

In fact,I met him through Bael,Paimon and Belial.He’s been with me for quite a while,and while I haven’t worked with him in depth,he has never asked me to sever all ties with other spirits.

I formed a tag team with Azazel and Belial, to get me stuff done. Azazel helped me manage my relationship with Belial and Belial did the heavy duty,

Its worked wonders. And I still call on Azazel regularly for things I can’t handle. And He takes the reins.
I think He’s a good starting point because He’s gentler and more understanding, and an awesome teacher.

Lady Eva is one of The Most profound Powers I have ever been in contact with.

[quote=“Frater Dark Matter, post:7, topic:6496”]Lady Eva is one of The Most profound Powers I have ever been in contact with.

Couldn’t agree more. She (and this guy who’s Buné’s son) recently mentored me in psychopomp working which has really been awesome for me.

Damn, and I’d just finished polishing the axe i was about to use next! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously I love you all very much and love flattery as much as the next person, but 99% of what I write is me trying to stop people making the mistakes I made, and lack of focus and lack of ONE serious committed spirit link was one of my worst for several years.

So, every time you read something I write and it works, don’t give me the credit, just remember I probably fucked it up good and proper first few times round, so you don’t have to! :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, go Azazel, if he can’t help he’s big enough and powerful enough to direct you to someone who can. :slight_smile:

So now to the topic of how to evoke him: Is there any special incantations or ceremony for him or can I just use copal resin incense, 2 candles and a triangle of manifestation and then just ask him to come?

First idea, try the free DL of the audiobook grimoire Book Of Azazel, info here, if yuou haven’'t already - E.A. chanelled that direct from Azazel as far as I understand, so that’s a great way to make a link, plus try searching on here, to read what experiences other magicians had.

IMO you could open his sigil first, I feel like that night be a good “first contact” - RavensAscent did a great tutorial on that here, and there’s a newsletter about it at

So, that’s one method that has less complications like incense, and therefore less chance of your mind tricking you into thinking it didn’t work, maybe?

I am going to do sigil magick to try to make contact with him tonight. Other than his teaching skills, what other specialties does he have? I don’t want to ask him for something that he cannot do.

I’m guessing this reply’s too late to be useful but try reading about him, like on here, see what he’s worked on with other people, but if you’re asking a spirit to mentor you, it’s a good idea to be open-minded (to some extent) and not show up with list anyway, if you see what I mean. :slight_smile:

It’s fine to know what areas of life you need help with, but they may be better able to guide you towards how to achieve those.

I am currently preparing for work with azazel I think he is amazing he leads me to a massive amount of knowledge of sigils,music and really anything he thinks I should know even in my dreams he still teaching I have put my faith in him in my quest he is taking me down a lot of paths right now in showing me my next move

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