Azazel as a father figure?

In the beginning of my journey in search for power and knowledge the only father figure I had was my grandfather. He’s the one that taught me how to think and how to stay strong against the world. Later in my life I realized I had projected an illusion unto him, that wasn’t him. I saw him differently then, before. This might be common to the average adult.

However the illusion is what trusted power into my being as I wanted to surpass him as my teacher. I eventually did, really quickly and really early. The illusion faded for almost a year, but some of the fading power flowed through pushing me to learn. The first time I evoked Azazel I was scared shitless, but after a relationship began to form I noticed that the illusion I projected unto my grandfather is the exact energy resonating from the familiarity of Azazel. I remember now picking up traits that I thought were my grandfather’s, but instead the projection I had onto him. Now learning about Azazel, these traits were Azazel’s traits. How can this be? Any thoughts?

When I was bored and had nothing to do I’d lie in bed and go VERY deep into my imagination. Dabbling into soul travel I noticed it was similar to what I was doing my whole life. Could it be I was meeting entities in the astral realm that helped my ascent?

I have a few questions though.

Lady Eva mentioned bringing a demon child into this world in a post. How can one tell if they’re a demon child or angel child and how is this done? Could an imp/familiar from a demonic army come into this world as a human?

PS: its a miracle I’m able to post. I don’t know how much I can stay on, because my computer’s hacked.

Desmon. Angels and demons are synonymous with each other. For example, people forget that the Goetic demons were Angels. Daemonic Angel would be a more accurate word. In some circles they are known as the “Infernal Angels” rather than just “demon” which is merely a conjuration of their lower form. Knowledge is power, because with more knowledge you can conjure more.

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This is a major side tangent b ut that is exactly what is portrayed in Castlevania:Lord of Shadows that each of the demons are a shadow of an archangel at least the major ones. Also it is some that argue that they are separate but thata the beauty of it believe as you will

Heres the thing about that. You have many people who make claims to “their Satan” being authentic… this goes down with how Satan manifests. Their all true as far as all these people are tapping into Satans “current.” You basically call spiritual energy into this world and bind it to a form (giving it a body, requires all sorts of energy and bindings). So Satan can exist in more than onr guise…because it basically exists as each individuals personal connection to Satan, or whatever other spirit they work with.

So each Being has a Source and Angel irregardless. The rejection is not a rejection, but rather a Beings Will to hold their physical form “Rigid” which is their body. Angels are closer to Source, because they are the “Informational” representation of Light, while the demonic is the solidification of such information into a cohesive form.

Really from a logical perspective its like comparing (Angels and demons) the difference between Unconscious Fractal forms (infinity) with Subconscious to Conscious Data Forms (Finite existence). So one must reason, how can an Abstract Picture give birth to a variety of mental conversation where such words are merely information expressed in Forms of speech…which for example would be people critiquing say abstract oil paintings at an Art Gallery.

It is the same thing when perceiving a Demon and Angel somehow being related.

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Haha o i know i just thought it was cool they tried to work that concept into a video game. Also yea thats why I don’t deal with Satan too much number one it feed the judeo/xian faith but number two like you said so many different faces. Just my personal preference i have known people who had worked with him succesfully. I do like the concept of satan tho lol

Well just to be clear, my demonic Child is a spirit, NOT a human baby or anything, this is really important - the human side is the life-potential of one of my ova (unfertlised eggs), the demonic side is the energy of the father, a demonic King. I just want that real clear because I don’t want anyone (especially newer members) thinking I did some evil shit to a defenceless baby or anything after watching The Omen a few too many times. :slight_smile:

That full working is listed here.

To your wider question, my “Gods” I relate to as family, Hathor my beloved Lady has always seemed like an amazingly wonderful older sister to me, other take various other roles, but my relationship to many of them feels familial, maybe because I started so young that I got kind of locked in at that level.

I like it, it makes me very happy, the love and respect is real and untainted by fear-based grovelling worship.

To your overall question, Azazel may intentionally be evoking (in the ordinary meaning of that word) the same emotions as your grandfather to show you his benevolence towards you, and desire to mentor you in a specific way, in which case that’s quite a significant honour. :slight_smile:

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Fucking awesome! I think Lady Eva Gave the answer I was looking for. I just wanted to know why this illusion was projected. The truth is though, I feel a fatherly/motherly connection to all my teachers. I’m just a fucking nerd for knowledge.