Azazel appearing as a black mist?

So I’ve been working with a spirit to open my astral senses lately.Instead of just calling it and telling it to do it for me I went the whole nine yards and built an alter for it and have been doing my own style of devotion and making sure it feels at home when I call it to it’s altar.

I think it may be working because yesterday when I evoked Azazel the smoke turned into a black mist that staryed moving independently from the smoke.
It kept fading in and out of vision then the smoke turned back to normal.
I then saw a face in the smoke for less than a second.

I then began to communicate assuming it was Azazel and even though I didn’t hear it audibaly the answers I received were that of something ancient.

Has anyone else seen Azazel appear this way?

Almost every evocation I do Azazel starts out this way before his body materializes. Sounds like you’re on the right track. Keep up the good work.

That is great news!
Thank you brother!

How does he materialize for you after the mist?