Azazel and the wasp

So yesterday i was in my room and out of no where a wasp starts flying around. Didnt think too much of it.

Today i was thinking about Azazel, very heavily, i had my eyes closed and was listening to music. I realize something is buzzing around me i open my eyes and once again there is a wasp. It would fly up too getting very close and then back off… it did this several times. Flying up to me and then flying off… now its just gone and i havent messed with it today.

I realized i was thinking of Azazel yesterday when the wasp appeared.

Today i took a picture

Is Azazel sending a familiars to check in on me, or am i pulling them through with my thoughts.

The one yesterday nor today have stung me… but they get really close and then back away.

:honeybee: whats going on ?


I think Azazel (his consciousness/current) is getting very hot right now, manifestations of all kinds coming through, so because of your link you’re getting physical manifestations. :thinking:

This confirms some work I have in mind, so thanks for posting, you never know on here when your own post is a green light to another member. :smiley:


No problem :grinning:

Maybe i should note that i was also thinking about the gate, and wanting to pull Azazel through so i could just hug him and squeeze him… :joy:
Maybe if i keep at it i will eventually get the whole Azazel … just been missing him lately.

Also to note i drew the first gate of walking the gates on a bed sheet after the first night i put it on my bed … gonna sleep in the gate for a week before i move on to the next… so idk if that has made a difference but its possible.


Hmmmm interesting. I was in my room yesterday and heard a very loud buzzing sound outside where the window was. I live in a two story house. The blind was down.

Thinking it was a fly, Beelzebub came to mind. As i opened the blind it was not a fly. But a bee or a wasp? Not sure which one.

Your post reminded me of that. Yesterday i was working on belials black alchemy. Bringing all the spheres of the Qlippoth into the body.


I had recently got two likes on my reply to the “Beelzebub…” thread which mentions buzzing and the beeszt. Yesterday I read this article…

Today I started seriously evoking Beelzebub which I haven’t done in a while to get him to work with FurSir. About a week ago I had made my pact with Azazel aend Belial. I have been listening deeply for Azazels whispers, and certainly have been hearing a sweet orchestra, like a swarm of dreaming zombies or beez.

Hope this helps strengthen your map of symchroharmonious association.


Thats interesting seems to be activity all over the place. …

I work closely with Azazel, Belial, Amaymon, and Abaddon. But my minds been on Azazel the past few days. We have a unique relationship and strrong bond. But i wouldnt rule out the others. They are all very active right now.


Interesting that topic about the giant just showed up in my youtube feed.

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I was actually just ranting about wanting to stab people with a paperclip. When I got to work I found a paperclip on the outside ledge of a 3rd story window that you cannot open. Flanked on either side by small paper wasp nests. I do think of Azazel whenever I think of stabby things. It made me giggle as we aren’t close to my knowledge. I agree that his current is on fire right now. As is Belial, Asmodeus, Lucifer, etc. All the keepers seem to be up to something.


Yea, they are definitely up to something :smiling_imp:

Those bad boys! :joy:

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Is it bad I got a thunder down under dance sequence in my head after reading this? It certainly doesn’t help that many are stupidly flirty.

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No its not bad, I was Azazels submissive for over a year. And well, we wont talk about all those naughty things :smiling_imp::sweat_smile:

But i think its normal. They have alot of sexual energy … or either I do :thinking: :joy: