Azazel and myself

It’s no secret I was Azazels submissive for over a year.
In that time we grew a very close and personal relationship. Yes we have gone through a lot. …and mean a lot. No I am no longer his submissive …but yes we are still extremely close. Yes I am with him a good amount of time. Yes, I still love him.

We have been working on some really cool stuff together.

But you should know it’s not my relationship with Azazel that really matters. But what is my relationship to and with Baelzebub? Because, I know you tried to sabotage my relationship with Azazel, but isn’t that really just child’s play?

If you really know me like you think you know me…then you should realize this interaction with Baelzebub is the one that can be the game changer.
Curious , they focus on Azazel and overlook the most important one of all.

You think you know me…


Everything okay

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Everything will be.


Remember the jaws. They’re at your disposal.

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Thank you

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You know what I’m referring to, correct?

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