Azazel and Lucifer

I recently begun working with Azazel. Lucifer suggested i did so i could learn to strengthen my astral senses.

I wanted to talk about my expirience this past weekend. To see if anyone has ever had something similar. Friday night, I asked Lucifer and Azazel for guidance on what i was to do next on my path to becoming a better alchemist/magician.

I didn’t get a response that same day.
Saturday, I was invited to hang out with a friend.
I had not seen him in quite a while and so we smoked a marijuana cigar.
I know marijuana has psychoactive properties and i am not new to its effects.
I’ve actually gotten pretyy used to its effects.

But during that session something strange happened. My forehead was tingling. I started seeing a flashing light between my eyebrows. This light turned to a circle and within the circle appeared a pyramid. Suddenly i felt as if my jaw had been popped on the left side. Shortly, I started feeling so heavy that i could barely stand. I decided to go home. When i was trying to get inside my body took me to a different place in my yard and i was literally knocked off my feet.

While i was laying i was having an intense vision this time it was an upside down pyramid and emphasis was placed on the corners. Other things were shown but i think i understand it. I could feel two energies. One would show me things and my right eye would close and when the other one would speak my left eye would shut.
After the vision i was unconscious for a few mins before coming back.

You ever had something that intense happen whil working with Azazel?

Sorry if my grammar isn’t the best. English is not my first language.


Perhaps they are trying to help you work on opening your third eye, or open it more. The tingling of the forehead and lights would be indicative of energy in that area activating that energy center. You had asked for help to learn to strengthen my astral senses" and I think you were getting it. It might be that you’ve been getting it for a while but because of the muscle relaxation (the heaviness) your energy was able to flow better and you were more able to feel it.
That’s my take from an energy working perspective, anyway.

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Do you suppose there was blockage of energy flow and now that it has flown through the rest of my body is gonna need to adjust?

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I suspect it’s just closed, as it is in most folks. It’s good to be able to close it when you want to.
If your task is to strengthen your astral senses, opening your third eye is a big part of that.

Why not do an evocation or journey to go ask Azazel what the plan is? He might have a preference for the model or school of thought to train yourself under that he knows would suit you best. I just speak in terms of Qigong because it’s what I know best and works for me, but lots swear by Yoga and use the Chakra system too for energy working. You could also visit a Reiki Healer for attunements that would help…

…Or do dance, or get out in nature and hike, make strong muscles and lithe ligaments, particularly paying attention to a strong and flexible spine… the main thing is to move your body and build your 2nd body - the energetic body to strengthen it. All the bodies work together and affect each other, for good and ill.

I wouldn’t expect an outright block, a block is a problem, you should notice it, since energy needs to flow to keep a body healthy, a block doesn’t feel good and can cause medical conditions if left long enough. It’s pretty normal to have restrictions, as well as deficiencies and surpluses of yin and yang in any of the meridians, they fewer you have the healthier you will stay, but it’s not a huge deal unless they’re so severe they obviously impact your health. Just tensing your muscles, or sitting crunched up restricts flow to some extent, which is why yoga and qigong focus on relaxation and good posture.

It’s more a matter of training to hold more energy in your third eye, raising it’s vibration and abilities when you choose to open it, allowing it to spin. It’s important to raise your energetic level in a balanced way though, which brings us back to building the whole energy body together (also called the qi/astral/etheric body). This is the foundation for health and accessing spiritual abilities, and the easiest most fundamental way is to move your physical body. Then exercises to cultivate and store more energy, and there’s tons of ways to do that - and you’re already being helped along there - will have greater effect faster, I think.

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