Azazel and Egyptian Pantheon

Has anyone found a connection between Azazel and the Egyptian pantheon, in particular, Set?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this


Hey, Azazel is actually one of my guides/guardian. I asked him if he was Thoth and he straight away said no, but when I asked if he was known as the egyptian god set he answered ‘perhaps’. This is typical behaviour of angels/fallen angels but after some thinking it seemed like the right deity to represent him. Especially since both deities were banished to rule the desert. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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I have been in a relationship with Azazel and I am currently married to Set, they are not the same being.

Set and Azazel are very different.

Azazel does connect to the Egyptian pantheon but he is not Set.

I’ve found that when Anubis shows up so does Azazel.
I would say the connection lies there in.
Also when I did my soul ritaul with goddess Neith it was Azazel who had control over some funeral type rites. Which farther connects him to Anubis.


But Azazel isn’t Anubis, too.
I’m sure. Where to find Azazel in the kemetic Pantheon… I can’t say that. Maybe only priests knew him. It can be he wasn’t popular or well known in Egypt/Kemet.

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I didnt say he WAS Anubis I said there is a connection there.


You have to rememeber the Egyptian gods wear masks. They are not what they seem. When you are able to see them without their masks on then you will know who they are.

I don’t see Anubis with his mask I see his face. Therefore, I know he isnt Azazel. Azazel has a different face.
Most likely without me digging into it Id say it’s the Saturnius current that connects.

Its always the three Azazel, if Lucifuge shows up with Azazel next is always Anubis.

Though the four gatekeepers Azazel, Amaymon, Belial and Abaddon are the ones that did the funerary rites when I brought through the Goddess Neith.

So they too have some connection to the Egyptian Pantheon. In what ways I do not yet know.


Okay! I understand.

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Azazel has much in common with the Egyptian Montu. The nomad aspect (->Asasel is the demon to whom the Hebrews in the Old Testament sent a scapegoat as payment for their sins), but also the warrior (->Azazel the fallen angels taught warfare to mankind) and then there is the fact that Montu was worshipped at a town named Armant or Hermontis, which sounds like Hermon (the mountain in Northern Palestine where the fallen angels descended from heaven). The similarity concerning the sound is a coincindence as far as I found out.Hermontis is named after that God, meaning nomad, while Hermon means cursed.

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