Azazel and Belial

A few days ago, someone told me that Azazel and Belial were two sides of the same entity…
is this really the case?

I wouldn’t say they are two sides of the same coin based on my experience, but what they teach goes very hand and hand.


cause first the person said that they were brothers …
and then he said that they were 1 entity … feminine and masculine side …
so i was just wondering what everyone’s opinion on here were about the subject

Brothers would be more of my theory. In my experience, deities who are two parts of a greater whole have a similiar base “vibe” that can be discovered if you sit with the energy long enough to peel back the layers. I personally have not experienced that being present when I evoked both in the same ritual (although they do mix well). But that is just my opinion.

Yes, I agree with you, because both of them teach mankind to become independent, empower us - they have the light bringer aspect. But that is the case for many deities. Their methods in teaching and tools differ significantly and personally I experience them as different deities, too.

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