Azazel and Belial. public Thanl you

I haven’t post on here much or kept myself up to
Date with BALG recently, but i have however entered
A sort of blind Pact Azazel and Belial.

Basically give me what I ask for and help me out, in
Exchange for me helping them spread there kingdom
And doing some things they ask of me.

Just to be clear, I can’t see spirits yet, but I can feel
Them and maybe talk to them. I feel the flow of their
Words in to my mind and I let my mouth loose so that
It can whisper the energy.

But here is the thing though.
With Azazel first.

I was Jobless, and after the ritual about a week
Later I got a job as a cook at a restaurant, with no
Professional cullinary background. ( no its not a 5 star
Reataurant, its an Ihop) I also felt the challenges hes placed
For me to tackle. I understand his viewpoints better. Pain can
Turn into potential energy and Gods faced huge challenges to have
A bigger fist, than mouth. I’ve felt his energy linger inside of me.
He also helped me a few smaller things.

Belial. I made a pact with Belial similar to the one
I made with Azazel.
I had an expensive ticket I had to pay, but Belial made the
Ticket free to pay whenever in less than 3 days. He also
Helped me a lot of small things. Almost like, “prayers so to
Speak” Ill simply whisper Belial for his help in situations i didnt
Plan out and he helps me.
I also asked for money for ritual supplies, and well, he delivered.
He so far seems to also be lingering his energy inside of me,
Which i think caused a bit of a chakra inbalance, but im taking
Care of that.

Mainly, Azazel asked me to spread the word about his work with me.
And I Believe Belial wants the same.

They were both very helpful and they actually do make what I believe
Are little miracles. (Forgot to mention, these pacts will only last 6
Months as this was just to see how I work with them.)

In the end Belial always seems warm and a bit blunt, straight forward
And anarchy? Like lawless and aggressive when need be.

Azazel seems secretive, but he seems like he’s been through it all.
Not much mercy from him, but he understands me.

Anyways, thats whats happened so far. Both entities seem ruthless
At any time, but always reserve it and instead flick over a small domino
To change everything. So yeah. C:


Great job Dani!
Nothing like a couple of Demonic Kings to light a fire under your ass!