I had a dream that there were several children around a well.

They said, " look deep inside
And the key you will find."

There was the well and one house in the middle of a huge field.
I remember being in the house and insisting on seeing the key that I knew I had seen it before.

Water scying kept flashing in my mind and the image of this key.

Then I kept seeing a octopus in the ocean.

I’m not sure what to make of this dream.
But I saw the key. Its like its burned into my vision now.


Maybe the key refers to solutions to your problems
I have heard that dreaming of keys is a good sign in your life


I saw the key. It has strange glow to it. I think I could draw it.

The colors of the key was like this

If I draw the key. The colors were like this. And it had like tentacles.

Then I kept seeing the octopus :octopus:

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Guess I’m on my own on this one :joy:

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Because the interpretation is pretty simple :stuck_out_tongue: Key is the symbol of access to the mysteries, looks like typical esoteric initiatory dream. A cool one though.

I dont know what are you going to be introduced soon, I’d suggest let it unfold naturally.

I kinda envy this dream since I’m fond of these things and I’m having almost only nightmares or stupid dreams for years. I like the Lovecraftian references, they may be of significant importance but may not.

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I like lovecraftian stuff too. :slightly_smiling_face:

You wouldn’t know how to water scry would you? That seemed very important in the dream.

Not really neither crystal gazing, never gave it a try