Ayyyy Y'all... Quick Word For Muh Lovely Enemies 😍

Interrupts Regularly Scheduled Programming

My Fellow Citizens,
All people are free to have their practice and rules of their practice, and to practice their practice as they see fit And are entitled to the liberties and responsibilities there of.

All people are free to have an Opinion of other practicioners whether right or wrong, as we all have freedom of speech.

What all people are not allowed to do is impose their magic upon other Magicians/impersonate other magicians based upon aiding a person said magician used to be in a relationship with.

That being said,
The spirits have alerted me to the fact that I am being impersonated.

To whoever the person is:
I am asking you politely to pls stop. It is childish and not necessary.
Whoever you are aiding is simply using you and they will discard you like a used tampon.

To those who have seen the Impersonation:
No I am not like that.

Given that 90% of magicians on and off various forums/servers already have a crystalized opinion of me as a Murderer/Shame to the magical community, and my work, I have no issue solidifying the adversarialism fully whether they believe I’m Satan or not.

I may be Evil as fuck, But I do not go around trolling groups and shit. I have my own group i am working with and other shit to deal with so my plate is full.

If you see something that looks like me, sounds like me, acts like me, but you know it ain’t me, pls play it cool then let me know.

To Everybody else:
This ain’t a call to start drama.
This is no one’s headache or issue.
This is not “making vague refferences” to people on here.

Pls don’t assume you know who I’m talking about cause most likely you don’t. I am cool with most people on here.

Finally, to my enemies:
Today is:
Saturday, March 2nd, 2019
I only have one thing to say.
War, my friends…War.:smiling_imp::ok_hand:
Stop making memes, man up, and come at me Magically. If you can’t, keep my name out ya mouth.
Rest assured I will come for you either way.

The Guy Your Girlfriend Was Thinking About Last Night
P.S. Yep ya divination was on point, that was my name she was muttering as she laid in bed touching herself


Hmm. Interesting. Kept thinking Micah help me when I was trying to perform a ritual yesterday for some reason…


Wow, I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that. Stay strong, brother. :metal:

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Define imposing. I’m compiling an internal database of occult ethics…
[bleep bleep and metal sounds].

If you want to discuss @Micah’s own personal ethics and boundaries, that’s a question for you guys to take to PM really. :+1:

This forum’s rules are clearly explained here, and I don’t want any confusion to creep in.

Harassment is plainly against the rules and if any member has concerns, please contact me regarding this.

@Micah is not breaking any current rules by posting this and since he wanted to address his concerns, I appreciate him making a topic rather than having drama occurring in the TMW topic, which is intended for chat and not clearing grudges.

As most of you who have been here a while know, rules only get brought in when something is enough of a problem on enough occasions to need a line in the sand, and not just for the sake of it, because generally, unwanted conduct is covered by an existing rule anyway.

At the moment, the issue with things that happen on Discord is not serious enough to need a “keep any mention of Discord & outside groups completely off the forum” kind of rule, I am trusting people can exercise common sense, verify who you invite, and generally act like rational adults.

However, I am concerned that dramas on Discord chats may spill over into the forum, so I remind people that BALG Discord Groups Do Not Exist – one of the reasons being that it is impossible to verify identity, and all the usual protections you will get on this forum, against harassment and so on, cannot exist outside of it.

So please exercise common sense when taking part in any of these groups. :+1:


You are an absolute pathetic piece of shit if you use your free time to impersonate someone on the internet and try to make them look bad.




Haaave you started any tsunamies lately Micah
:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Not lately, but rest assured one is coming soon :ok_hand:

Thanks everyone, I’m closing this with Micah’s support because it’s served its purpose now.