[AWESOME VIDEO] The Finale Of The Nine Demonic Gatekeeper Pathworking : Satan The Adversary

The End Of The Gatekeeper Pathworking - Satan : The Adversary My Journey With The Gatekeeper Satan.

So it is done …




Have you worked with actual reptilians ever ?

i would ask you to dig unto actual reptilian currents and cultures, since you are done with dead gods :slight_smile:

What i have learned, seitan, is more like title, or maybe just like you say, gatekeeper, in current, rather than actual living entity, which more like resonates with your conciousness rather than being creator, as many sources claim, same to all his betaboys who claim to live side to side with him.


not excatly the biggest fan of Satan here, but I have worked with him briefly, idk man, I prefer Lucifer

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It might just not have been the right tome in your path? Personally for me they each show up when it’s time kinda like with me currents and 4 goddesses.

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Lilith led me to Satan, idk his energy was very agressive in a good sense, he killed all the parasites I had


That’s good that they are gone. Did you figure out who attacked you?

I go to him when I can’t figure something out on my own that he can help me with. That’s pretty much how I work with any of the gate keepers other than Lucifer and Azazel. I see something I can’t figure it out so I ask. Belial and Satan had to explain my gate vision to me because I could see what happened before or after so it was confusing me. I have since finally seen the after.


This is really interesting!!!

who are these reptilian entities?

What is the reptilian current?

I worked a bit with belial, and keep seeing reptilian eyes :eye: . I’m not sure why i keep seeing them. But i would love to find out more about them.

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it can be only shared to singular being from singular entity, its personal relationship with reptilians.

i think the “eyes” you are seeing are artificial replicas of reptilian eyes, seein reptilian eye from physical vechile is kinda impossible because they are very too living and coulourfull to this realm which we reside

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The eye of the dragon is calling you…@Worksofdarkness

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