Awesome inspirational examples to push your magick!

Hi everyone! :smiley:
It is my understanding that some people wonder, or may have in the back of their mind the question.

What can I expect magick to do on the physical plane other than manifesting the life of my dreams, or gaining certain abilities…can I do things like levitation, physical teleportation, shape-shifting?

An examination:

A: The source of all things lives within yourself, whether you wish to walk on the left hand path, right hand path or both, you still have that source in you, you can work with, in conjunction with the God-Mind.

B: The Source within yourself makes it so that you yourself have the same potential in you, than that which the entire Cosmos was created from- in oneness and equality with all life - you are that as your true, permanent, eternal Self (your soul itself of course is unique so that’s where lies your uniqueness -

C: All is Alchemy - on all levels - There are archetypes that can help you with grounding the divine into the flesh, or the other way around. Aspects/Archetypes of the God-Mind serve the purpose of you experiencing yourself in an endless array of ways, so you might as well have fun with it, not condemning yourself…it is YOUR God-Mind too…you are One with it, you are IT - and you indeed are the Source of all things.

Personal experiences:

When I was 6 years old, I did successfully re-arrange the molecular structure of a playing card.
I had a King of Diamonds having a white belt without black circles in it.
I wanted it to have black circles in it with a white space in the middle in each of these.
making a wish (from the heart) I closed my eyes, held the card between my hands, visualized only one thing: the end result. (3rd eye) - will (energy coming from above) and desire (energy coming from below) flowed perfectly through my chakra system) I felt a high, powerful yet soft-feeling, pleasant energy surge flowing through me.

Then I opened my eyes and boom, there it was, my upgraded playing card.
This was made possible, because all life is multidimensional without exception, even matter-
everything, without exception is linked to order, ultimately, and intelligence.

Ask an entity of your choice, there are those that are known to assist you with these things! or redirect you to another entity- They will gladly answer to how you can do such things or if such things are even possible (they will say yes!). :slight_smile: !

At some point someone told me a bout a book related to a certain Milarepa, who showed to another that he could shapeshift into any desired object, just to give an example.
Mastery over molecules can also enable you to shape an object out of ‘nothing’, for example, using universal substance, energy, intention and a thought (the object visualized).

The guys below are making use of archetypes of the God-Mind/ the God-Mind in general to do what they do.