Awesome Experience with Expelling Water

In the past week I have been pushing it by clocking up 60km walking around distributing sigils as part of my pact fulfilment with Lucifer-Amaymon. So when my knee started hurting it was no big surprise and I could have passed it off as a strained knee. But no. The pain was moving around, so I knew something else was going on. In the meantime I had also made some Expelling Water following EA’s recipe from the Black Magick video course. I used it for the first time yesterday in my old studio to neutralise the space before loading my friend’s room with an enormous black tourmaline by way of necessary energy disconnection in order to move forwards in our respective lives. My knee was getting way worse today so I asked Azazel what to do about it. Next thing I know I am applying the Expelling Water on my knee and there was an instant release of pain that pain killers weren’t getting anywhere near. So thanks to Azazel and EA’s Expelling Water it’s back to distributing sigils tonight!! YAAY!!


This is awesome, thanks for sharing. I think I may have to look into that Expelling Water.

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You’re welcome and I am glad this is useful to you! :slight_smile:

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