Awaking Razastanda (Awaking the shakers of the whole infernal empire)

what is razastanda?
razastanda are the shakers of the whole infernal empire
similar to anatel right? well yes but i discover that satan and and differed demons have their very own infernal armies and houses so now every high level demon like azazel satan gatekeepers kings etc have their own legions and houses i got curious about and asked azazel for the primoridal or the composed houses he told me the names Razastanda araquaba eleshtiurk
lets move on the ritual
aslo according to the spiritual alien that azazel introduced me the 3 primal are not simply demonic but have many other races of spiritual warriors and shakers in the house forming a collabation
aslo sorry for the bad drawing
it can be used before any ritual of change as it can weaken this realm and numb by simply vibrating
you can aslo ask the shakers themselves for change but i realy do feel that this should be used in cases that you absolutely need as it calls intense energies and beings into this realm.

Awaking Razastanda

visulise or draw the sigil of razastanda offer blood to the mighty spiritual warriors
"The gatekeepers
the kings the emperor lucifer
have risen within
so you primal house of change
of healing,destruction,control,warlords,fighters,changers and many more
the shakers of the worlds shall be awaken
in this temple
jerc’ul arh’ula
itz kala mazanstu elsta’nata del tsesulu razastanda

in mion rah!
changers shakers,alligners of the stars!
shake the worlds
the legions of razastanda may be awaken
their power is within me
al’kal’enz razastanda"


Men! This is incredible! Thanks for sharing!

One question: can a beginner use this sigil ??

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it really depends on situation like if you have economics legal problems etc you get the idea big problems that must be changed its good to call razastanda but razastanda arent only shakers but it has a healer house in it

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Thank you

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@Xag_darklight, in this part of the sentence is it to speak Lucifer or Satan ?? Are the razastanda not from the legion of Satan ??

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from all legions of all demons.

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Need to offer blood whenever you do a ritual with this seal or just one, just take the seal for the ritual ??