Awakening of sense

…or maybe I’m only going crazy? Weird things are happening since a week ago, I see shadows and figures that are made of light, I smell strange aromas that came from nowhere. Now since a little time I begin to ear voices, let me explain…yesterday while I laying I my bed I was thinking in a girl that I like…in that instant I ear a female voice that said: I thing that you love her, now a male voice said: Mmm she is pretty…, I felt like if I was talking with another three or two persons!
Another thing that are change is when I charge a sigil, I feel different energies while I charging…for example while I charge hekaltor sigil I felt like if I was supporting a heavy rock in my hand…i don’t know if my senses are awakening or I lust are imagining things but I wanna know if someone have the same experience or similar.

Sounds like an awakening of your astral senses however, sophisticated spirits such as angels and demons do not speak like the way you mentioned, They do not say things like “mmm she’s pretty” . They have no concern over that kind of stuff and their speech is comprised more of proper old style English. So if you heard those exact words either you were hearing your own thoughts or speaking to a deceased human spirit.

Hey…I reached my number 777 post just now. LOL

As RavensAscent said, It does seem like your senses are opening most likely though they are just spirits that you are hearing.

‘‘Mmmm she is pretty’’ actually sounds like the kind of thing King Belial would say to me.Just a thought.

But yes,spirits do oftentimes speak in a form of more archaic English,or something.Sometimes,though,they talk like everyone else,except they sound really dramatic.

If it was a spirit of the dead,it could very well be an ancestral spirit or two.

Either way,consider this a success.

sounds like you need to banish more