Awakening my soul

After following the wind and doing as instructed I am made anew. I don’t remember exactly what the details are but I feel I have the will stronger and more profound.

I know Lucifer and King Paymon was guiding me. I dont know nor understand this change that took place in my body but i know there are changes. I could hear more, see more, am filled with more energy.

And i feel though i am just starting something huge.

I do admit i have doubt in my mind but I know my black flame is stronger than any doubt i can feel. I trust is Lucifer to keep me safe and to make sure it all works out i guess.

This Power is anything and more. Happy is an underwhelming word to explain what i feel. Im terribly sorry for typing with so little meaning(grammer ig) but i feel “more” so to speak like my words i type are being translated.

I am interested in meeting new magickians to help me understand and harness this power as I have to much doubt to do it myself. Believe me that i wouldn’t be here is i wasn’t sincere.

Here is what i remember. I felt a force near me that forced me on my feet and made me run to a building i call a “safe-zone” . I lost my thought, guess it doesnt matter.

But i feel like a vessel and an ideal one. I feel like Im hosting power that wants to realese itself.

Can anyone help me understand whats happening as i know im safe but a tad bit edged out at just how profound this is.

Words dont seem to mean much like i cant understand and comprehend anything im tpying but i hope Grammarly(grammar app) and anyone reading will understand.


The same has been happening to me lately. I feel that the old doubtful me died, and I feel more intuitive day by day. To me it’s King Paimon and Mother Amaterasu who I feel that have been guiding me. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Hey Kamikaze,
Great to hear

amaterasu is amazing spirit
she came to me as a strong radiance goddess that even my eyes cannot see her

because her radiance light
one of the most powerfull deity that i ever evoke


Mmm I see. I have not been able to see her with my own physical eyes, but I’ve dreamed of her. And I feel like she talks to me, at least through my thoughts.